Best Backpacking Headlamp

Best Backpacking HeadlampOutdoor adventures bring all the exciting thrills, and if you love backpacking, you’ll be out longer than most. Looking for the best backpacking headlamp doesn’t have to be difficult. First off, nature can be unkind at times, and you don’t want to maneuver in the dark without a source of light. That’s why you need a headlamp. It keeps you safe from rough terrains and taking wrong turns. Furthermore, it lights up your campsite and provides bright illumination so that you can pitch a tent, collect firewood, and spot animals.

Picking the best backpacking headlamp is not always easy. The products on the market are overwhelming with everyone trying to push theirs as the best. We are here to demystify details of the top rated backpacking headlamps so that you’ll know what to look for.

Finally, whether the best backpacking headlamp uses rechargeable or disposable batteries, it should give light for a decent amount of time. Rechargeable batteries are good for organized campsites where you can recharge them using the available amenities. On the other hand, standard alkaline batteries work best in remote areas.

Our Selections For The Best Backpacking Headlamp


Princeton Tec Remix Headlamp

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Best Backpacking HeadlampDo your backpacking quests lead you to the most unpredictable environments? Well, you’ll want the best backpacking headlamp that plays the role well enough. Princeton Tec brings us their top headlamp of the day. To start, the Remix model covers all the basics of outdoor illumination. It is lightweight, versatile, and compact all in one simple design.

Super bright LED Bulbs

The Remix uses three ultrabright LEDs, and one Maxbright LED to give off 150lumens. It can be of use for both long-distance viewing via a spot beam, and wide coverage using the flood beam. You’ll no longer be afraid of losing your way in the darkness as it concentrates light around where you are, allowing you to identify and recognize objects.

Intuitive Design

Additionally, this headlamp uses one switch button. It helps you with easy control such that you won’t be fumbling with different functions. The battery door is easily accessible so that you can swap out batteries at a moment’s notice. We love that it comes with an asymmetrical single arm bracket which allows it to fit comfortably.

Ideal for Remote Area Expeditions

Furthermore, thanks to the use of CR123 batteries, this headlamp can venture out in areas away from civilization. You don’t need to charge the unit only replacing the batteries when they die. Better still, it keeps the charge for a long time seeing that it does not self-discharge when it’s off. It’s one of the most reliable products when looking for the best backpacking headlamp. You should give it serious consideration.

  • Entirely waterproofed
  • Lightweight (under 3ounces)
  • Produces a short and long beam
  • Easily accessible battery door

  • No Red Light


Fenix HL60R USB Rechargeable 950 Lumen

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Best Backpacking HeadlampThe Fenix HL60R is one of the most versatile headlamps you can get on the market today. It is high-powered using a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. You don’t need to worry about the torch dimming on you since it is digitally controlled to maintain its light intensity. The LEDs have 50,000 hours of life on them. You’ll probably have this lamp for years in the same condition.

High-Quality Design

First off, this best backpacking headlamp has a construction from high-grade aluminum. It has a type III hard anodized finish which means the lamp resists corrosion and abrasion. It is alsoshockproofed to protect it from hard falls on rugged terrain. The charging port has a rubber cover plus the switch does not have the annoying squish, just a clean click. You’ll also love that the cover is tightly secured so no unexpected turn-ons.

Adaptable light Output

Secondly, with the two LED bulbs, you get a neutral white light, and two red modes to signal your position and let others see you. It provides for extra safety when venturing in random grounds. The six patterns give you flexible usage for whichever situation you may find yourself. It is the ultimate backpacking torch.

  • Long LED life
  • Tilts over 180-degree angle
  • Solid build with aluminum
  • IPX8 water-resistant rating

  • Charging Time


PetzlTikka+ Headlamp

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Best Backpacking HeadlampThere are many Tikka headlamps in the Petzl brand, but the Tikka+ shows exceptional features. First, it is the lightest and the most inexpensive headlamp that remains reliable in the extreme outdoors. It is water resistant to IPX4, and the housing is robust to keep the elements in perfect working condition.

Uses Advanced Lighting Technology (Best Backpacking Headlamp)

The Tikka+ uses a constant lighting function to give a bright light at all battery levels. Therefore, only the best backpacking headlamp would have a feature like that. It switches automatically to a reserve mode which preserves the energy without dimming the beam. And when your torch is almost empty, it gives off a red light. This shows dependability on a high level since you don’t need to keep switching between functions when the torch is drained of its energy.

User-Friendly For The Best Backpacking Headlamp

Are you in the cold mountains where you can barely get out of gloves to switch on a torch? Never mind because the Tikka+ allows for swift handling even in heavy woolen glove. Additionally, the switch button operates efficiently through pushing; fast and easy. You don’t have to replace the batteries with the original Tikka+ issued. It is compatible with budget-friendly NiMH and lithium batteries.

  • Mixed beam pattern
  • Has a brightness boost mode
  • Saves batteries energy through constant lighting
  • Watertight to IPX4

  • Slimmer Straps


Black Diamond Revolt Headlamp

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Best Backpacking HeadlampThe Black Diamond Revolt is quickly becoming the people’s choice for backpacking trips. Why, you ask? First off, it has the convenience of running using rechargeable NiMH batteries or disposable AAA batteries. This way, you can take it to adventures that take days. Furthermore, the best backpacking headlamp boasts a variety of modes and features which all sum up to the most revolutionary backpacking headlamp.

Powerful Illumination

Additionally, the Revolt utilizes a triple power LED, and a double power red LED. The triple power bulb gives 300 lumens brightness. It has a programmable memory where you get to choose the intensity to fit your current conditions. This works well if you are in places where there’s ambient light. It helps in preserving the energy giving you light over extended periods.

Achieves a Low Profile

Finally, if your headlamp sits too high on the head, you are bound to experience some nasty headaches after extended wearing. The Revolt aligns itself with the band such that you won’t feel its weight. You’ll be comfortable wearing all through the expedition.

  • Works using bright LEDs
  • Three-level power meter
  • Has a red beam
  • Brightness is programmable

  • Battery Compartment Shape


Coast HL8 LED Headlamp 615 Lumens

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Best Backpacking HeadlampThe Coast brand has been around for a while. For starters, they are known to produce reliable products for hikers and mountaineers the same. The HL8 is an incredible make. Secondly, it has a pure beam focusing optic which produces a far-reaching spot beam and a wide flood beam. The spot beam has a halo transition which allows full coverage. It is reliable in the most challenging conditions.

All-around Utility

Additionally, with the HL8, you get 1hour 45 minutes on the highest brightness levels and 64hours on the lowest intensity. This gets you over two days in the wilderness and out to safety on the hiking trails. Furthermore, the beam distance is really impressive. The spot beam provides 196meters trail coverage and 53meters with the flood beam. Likewise, it’s just what you’d love when trekking with your best backpacking headlamp.

Easy to Use Best Backpacking Headlamp

In addition, to control the modes, you’ll use an easy to reach knob which provides for quick dialing in. You can switch from the highest brightness level to the lowest without toggling through different functions. Not to mention, the button is textured such that it will not slide when dialing it with gloved hands. Moreover, you’ll love that it has a hinge which comes in handy when you want to tilt the lamp to the direction you want.

Highly Durable

Lastly, the HL8 boasts aluminum housing. It protects the internal components from damage whenever it hits on something hard. The LED bulb is shatter-proofed, so you can enjoy using this torch in the long haul. The HL8 is also weatherproofed. You can take it amidst torrential rains and storms, and it will come out functioning in good condition.

  • Long battery runtime
  • High light output
  • Pure beam optics
  • Covered by a lifetime warranty

  • On the heavy side

Features to look for in a Backpacking Headlamp

  • Weight

For one, Your headlamp should not feel like a drag. It should distribute its bulk on your head such that it will not be a bother. Trekking for long distances with a heavy backpack is hard enough. Don’t let it be a bad experience by adding a large headlamp.

  • Lumens

Secondly, the number of lumens determines the brightness. For one, if you want to view far and wide, the torch on your head should be up to the task. Look for headlamps that showcase over 100lumens with a beam distance from 70 meters.

  • Waterproof

Next, outdoor environments are replete with surprises, and the weather can change at any moment. The worst thing is to have a headlamp dim on you on the first hit of showers. Look for lamps with at least a rating of IPX4 water resistance before picking your backpack.

  • Battery Life

Conclusion About The Best Backpacking Headlamp

Even if you are a seasoned backpacker, choosing a headlamp is not always straightforward. We have prepared this article to make it easier for you to pick a headlamp with some useful information. We hope you’ll find it interesting as it is informative. Finally, remember that the best headlamp for backpacking has to meet your needs in terms of weight, battery life, and durability. Go on and have the most memorable backpacking trip!