Best Headlamp For Hunting

Every hunter understands that a hands-free lighting device is an invaluable unit when it comes to night hunting. Well, even the best headlamp for hunting may be brushed off as not necessarily superior to a flashlight. Howbeit, it’s the convenience of hands-free illumination that makes hunting headlamps the best whether you’re using the Mission Craze hunting bow or a rifle.

So what matters when buying the best headlamp for hunting?

Hunting Headlamp ReviewsFirst, the unit needs to be bright enough. This goes without saying. You’ll want a headlight that projects enough light over a vast area. Importantly, the headlamp shouldn’t startle or scare away your targets. In that case, you might consider going for a headlamp that offers several color options and brightness modes. White light is ideal for finding your way through thick forests and bushes. But colors red, green, and yellow are more animal-friendly and won’t raise any alarm.

Second, you’ll want a headlight that does not cause any discomforts on your head. On this note, the headlamp should have a comfortable strap that fits snug without causing itchiness and skin irritations. The unit should have tactile control buttons that can be easily felt too. Lastly, consider its durability.

Here are our picks for the best headlamp for hunting:

Streamlight 61070 Buckmasters

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streamlight hunting headlampDurable hunting headlamp in the best headlamp for hunting category

Here is yet another unit that won’t miss out on any list of the best hunting headlamps reviews. One thing that hunters like about it is its tank-like construction. It has a co-molded rubber body that has been tested and proved to survive any impact of up to 2 meters. It will, therefore, survive several falls and drops in the wilderness for quite a long time.

Additionally, this sturdy construction makes it ideal for other uses that may involve drops including hiking, mountaineering, and fishing.  It’s the best headlamp for hunting if you’re looking for a unit with good value for your money. 

3 Green LEDS   

Another reason why Streamlight 61070 made it to our list of the best hunting headlamps is that it’s made for the jungle. Its safety green LEDS helps in preserving your night vision. Importantly, the green light is emitted in 2 modes; high and low. It also helps in preserving the energy, and it’s your best shot if you want to approach the animal without scaring it away.

Incredible run time

Powered by 3 triple A batteries, Streamlight 61070 gives out an amazingly high number of hours of light per set of batteries. The safety green LEDs, for instance, can offer you between 20 and 63 hours on the high and low modes respectively. Its bright white LED, on the other hand, offers up to 5 hours of light time on its brightest mode. 

Low battery alert

Importantly, the batteries will never catch you off-guard by running flat without your knowledge. This best headlamp for hunting has a red Low-level battery indicator for that purpose.

  • Button can be pressed with gloves on
  • Its 2-meter impact tested
  • Durable
  • Green light for energy conservation
  • Low-battery indicator
  • Tactile switch button
  • IPX4 rated


  • A little bulky but still great as a hunting headlamp

Bushnell Rubicon H250L Hunting Headlamp

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bushnell hunting headlampAdvanced lighting technology

Bushnell is taking the world of headlamp lighting to a whole new level with this model. It’s fitted with first-rate Cree LEDS that ensure consistency in light output. The beams of light are then optically aligned and made more solid through the Total Internal Reflective technology.

Another unique feature from Bushnell Technologies is the power boosting feature. This headlamp has an output of 250 lumens. It then gets a boost of additional 312 lumens thereby making it the brightest hunting headlamp. 

Constant Lighting

What is even more interesting and what makes this the best headlamp for hunting is its constant light output. As is the custom with other hunting headlamps, the light dims as the battery level dwindles. Uniquely, Bushnell H250L has a regulated circuitry that leads to consistent brightness all through the 3-AA batteries’ life. 

Automatic dimming feature

This is a new one too! Bushnell H250L intelligently dims the light for close-up viewing and brightens it up for long range illumination. This reduces the time wasted as you tweak the light and, therefore, gives you a better chance of taking some meat home.

  • Automatic lighting dimming
  • Advanced lighting technology
  • Consistent brightness all through the battery cycle
  • 2 output modes
  • Has a battery-saving lock
  • Best-in-class Cree LEDS with lumen boost 

  • Automatic dimming feature may cause inconveniences

Luxolite HP3A

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luxolite hunting headlampHunting-oriented

If you’re in need of the best headlamp for hunting, Luxolite could be it. It’s among a few others that we feel that they are purposely designed for the hunters. First, it’s unbelievably lightweight at 3 ounces. This is a nice feature especially if you’ll be having it on for several hours. Again, its head strap is easy to adjust and comfortable when worn directly on your head. It does not trigger unnecessary sweating or irritation on the skin.

Second, it’s compact. Luxolite is also amongst the most compact hunting headlamps out there. It won’t displace your other hunting gear in your backpack and neither does it require special carrying.

Super bright

Luxolite’s 168 Lumens of brightness is probably all the light that you need for your hunting adventures. It can illuminate a distance of up to 130 yards. As such, Luxolite will help in eliminating all guesswork and enable you to take the best shots possible. Interestingly…

It has 4 changeable modes

Different hunting scenarios call for different lighting options. And Luxolite had this in mind when designing this headlamp. This headlamp has Hi, Med, Low, and Flashing SOS modes that can be easily navigated from one button. These modes also contribute to its versatility. You can use it for other functions besides hunting such as repairing automotive and pipes, reading, and camping.

Red and white colors

Another feature that makes Luxolite the best headlamp for hunting is that it emits both red and white colors. Better enough, there are separate buttons for the 2 colors. Red color can be used when the target is within a close range, and you don’t want to spook it. This headlamp has a good price for best headlamp under $50 as well.

  • IPX6 waterproof rated
  • Compact
  • Red and white color beams
  • Flashing light for emergency
  • 4 selectable modes
  • Intuitive control buttons
  • Uses both Rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries
  • Adjustable angle

  • The buttons may be small for some users

KMASHI Hunting Headlamp

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kmashi hunting headlamp2 light modes for the best headlamp for hunting

Designed for hunters who value simplicity, Kmashi is another high-end hunting headlamp worth the shot. The thing with this is that it does not offer a thousand and one lighting modes. It only has the High and Low brightness options which are still enough for the best hunters.

About its battery life, this hunting headlamp offers you up to 8 hours in its strongest mode and over 10 hours on the low light mode. This is enough time to light your hunting grounds from dusk to dawn. 

Long shots function

KMASHI uses 1 2000mAh 18650 lithium-ion battery. It’s also fitted with a high-power LED system that can illuminate a distance of up to 2600ft. This makes it possible to take long shots. This feature also makes it the best headlamp for other activities that require long range illumination including mining, biking, and camping. 


What makes KMASHI the best headlamp for hunting is that it’s comfortable and stays on your head. It features a 2-way elastic head strap that fits both small and huge heads. So if you’re in need of the best headlamp for hunting with an adjustable strap for children, this is it.

Kmashi has a unique addition to its assembly; a skid resistant pad positioned at the back of the headlamp. As the name suggests, the pad adds more support and prevents all movements when in action.

  • Has anti-skid pad
  • 2 easy-to-use modes
  • Bright
  • 8-10 hours of working light
  • Flexible strap fits children too
  • Adjustable lighting angles 

  • A bit heavy


Olidear LED Headlamp

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olidear hunting headlampExcellent waterproof

Are you in need of the best headlamp for hunting with excellent waterproof ability? You might want to try out the Olidear Hunting Headlamp. Though it’s not designed for diving and swimming, it has high-quality waterproof rings that ensure that the headlight withstands even the heaviest rains. So you can continue using the headlight no matter how rainy it is.

Super bright

Utilizing one of the most powerful LEDS, the T6, Olidear is a bright hunting headlamp that can be trusted for the darkest nights and woods. It flaunts 2 easily switchable modes, Hi and Lo. The high setting projects a 5000-lumen blinding light to a range of about 800 meters. The Lo mode brightens a shorter but broader circumference.

The interesting bit is that switching between these 2 modes is made using a single button. This makes it more time-saving, convenient, and easy to use. 

Long lighting hours

Olidear uses a built-in rechargeable headlamp lithium-ion battery. On a full charge, the Hi mode can offer you 8 hours of continuous lighting and up to 20 hours of light on the Lo output mode. The T6 LED again promises a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours. Double this with the headlight’s durable and humanized design and you get the best hunting headlight that you’ll age with.

  • It’s waterproof
  • 0-900 degrees rotatable
  • 5000 lumens brightness
  • Longer burning hours (8-20)
  • High-quality built-in rechargeable battery
  • Longer lighting distance
  • Slip resistant padding with grips 

  • The strap might be short for some users


Streamlight 61601 Double Clutch USB Rechargeable Headlamp

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best hunting headlampFirst, hunting involves rigorous movements and hence needs the best headlamp for hunting that is compact. This Streamlight double clutch headlight is extremely compact on light on your head. Second, you would not want to embark on along deer chase with a draining weight on your head. This would not only make your hunting tedious but also unsuccessful. This headlight is therefore designed to fit well at the face cap to offer different types of lighting modes.

Different hunting terrains and environments will require different types of illumination. Furthermore, this headlight offers you a dual form of lighting. It has both low and high lighting modes. This means that you will be able to adjust in those instances that you may need floods of beam light or spotlight.

Long Lasting Power

Also, another great feature of this headlight is its long-lasting AAA size batteries. It is powered by three of them giving it a prolonged age duration. It is also fitted with low power indicator which makes it possible to know it is almost running out of charge. Additionally, the batteries are USB rechargeable and can as well be replaced with alkaline ones should they run out of charge.

To enhance stability and reduced falling off chances, the headlight has a unique design to that increases the C.O.G. Moreover, this gives is an assured stability on the wearers head. Additionally, this stability feature is the elastic strap that supports the headlight while allowing tilting and rotation of the same depending on the light requirements.

More Thoughts

When embarking on a hunting, you are not certain of what obstacles you may encounter in the outdoor environment. At times you will bump on some compressions or even fall. This best headlamp for hunting is fitted with a shock impervious material to resist different types of impacts. This makes is among the best outdoor headlight to take on challenging terrains.

  • Batteries have a long shelf life of up to five years
  • It is compact and very lightweight
  • Has a centre of gravity optimizer making it very stable
  • Has shock and impact resistant feature.

  • Not waterproof


Streamlight 61304 ProTac HL Headlamp

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best hunting headlampAt times you are required to use both your hands in your activities. To start, you can imagine handling an activity that requires both your hands while at the same time you are required to keep one of the hands of the lighting source. Second, this hunting headlamp is designed to eliminate such instances. It is designed to function hands-free. That means that it is a good headlamp for hunting and hands-on jobs.

You may be wondering how then it supports on your head without the support of the hands. Moreover, it has an elastic strap and a rubber helmet to keep is comfortably mounted on the face end of your end.

Long Lasting Bulbs

With this headlight, you are assured of a long period usage. This is because it is powered by 2 lithium batteries that give is a usage time of up to 10 years. The headlight has long-range lighting that illuminates a distance of up to 172meters. This is a good lighting for exploring different environments.

To countershock and outdoor impacts, it is made of an impervious material that prevents it from different kinds of compressions and shocks. This material combined with the aluminium make makes among the most durable headlights. Alternatively, than being a good hunting headlamp, the headlight can be used for other activities that require involving watery terrains. This is due to the water-resistant lens. Furthermore, this makes it a good hunting headlamp and good for diving and rescue missions.

Weight Matters

Other than being durable, it is amazingly lightweight. The rubber helmet and the strap make it rest on the head without any strain. You are able to enjoy a well-illuminated environment without feeling much weight on your head.

An interesting feature is the serialization ability. This is to mean that it can be serialized to fit a coded identification. Therefore, it is among the best hunting headlamp for tactical operations.

  • It is compact and lightweight
  • Has a strap and a rubber helmet for mounting on the head
  • Has a longer usage life of up to 10 years on batteries
  • Made of durable aluminium
  • Has shock and impact resistant features
  • The lens is waterproof

  • The strap can grow loose with time


ArmyTek Wizard Pro v3

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best hunting headlampYou don’t need to carry along different types of lighting for your different outdoor activities. All you need is the ArmyTek Rechargeable Headlamp. It is very versatile for use in different outdoor activities. It is designed to provide users with many levels of brightness. So, this means you can adjust to different brightness level depending on the nature of your activity. Its low brightness support makes it a good headlight for home use.

In addition to supporting a variety of brightness, it also allows one to undertake as many activities as possible that require both hands on. This is because of its ability to rest comfortably on the head without the support of the hands. Moreover, it is supported on the head by a headband and tail cap that has a magnetic end.

Rechargeable Bonus

If you are worried o what would happen if the power is lost on the headlight, worry not since the batteries are conveniently rechargeable. It is fitted with a charging USB port which connects well with the charging cable bought with it. Also, it will also notify you when the power gets low giving you an opportunity to plan for recharging.

Ease Of Use

Though it appears to be a technical headlight due to its adjustability to fit different dark situations, it is very simple to use. Every part of it including the batteries packages comes with a manual which simple to understand and follow through. The brightest and power are control with one single button which is both convenient and comfortable to use.

Another useful feature of this hunting headlamp is its lightweight nature. Hunting, just like most outdoor activities involves moving around. Finally, the last thing you would want is to carry a load on your head all night. This best headlamp for hunting weighs less than 60g making it very light.


  • Made of anodized aluminium which is very durable
  • Is resistant and shock free
  • Have different levels of brightness making it very versatile
  • Can illuminate up to over 100 meters at maximum light output
  • Has a USB port and cable for recharging the batteries
  • Very convenient for hands-free activities
  • Simple operate and use along

  • Not water resistant. If you don’t access water inflicted environments, however, you have the right headlamp.


Petzl Tactikka Headlamp

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best hunting headlampIf you are looking for the best headlamp for hunting to illuminate for you in activities involves a high level of stealth, Tactika headlamp is what you should be looking for. This is because it has a close-range form of illumination which allows you to exercise maximum caution in activities like fishing and hunting.

In addition to this convenient feature, it has long lasting power. The battery-powered headlight will keep your night adventures illuminated. It has a burn time of around 10 days. The lighting is a combination of red and white. Morever, this separation of different colour lighting allows you to see in the dark while at the same time exercise maximum caution.

Comfortable & Secure

One characteristic of a good headlight is the ability to hold well on the head. Also, this headlight has headband which adjusts conveniently to give you a stable hold on the head. It is, therefore, to carry along while having your hands free to embark other activities.

When it comes to power, it is powered by standard batteries. Therefore, they are readily available for changing in case they run out of charge. The hunting headlamp can as well be installed with rechargeable batteries.

Lightweight Design

Just like most of the best headlamp for hunting, it is lightweight. So, this combined with its great lighting ability makes it a very versatile headlight. Additionally, other key features worth mentioning include its durability, shock resistance and a whistle at the back which can be used in case of emergencies.

  • Has a very comfortable headband which makes the headlight very comfortable and stable
  • Long lasting batteries which can be readily replaced with new set or recharged
  • Has both white and red lighting which allow both movements at night and stealth
  • It is lightweight and compact
  • Has a whistle at the back for use during emergencies

  • The lens is not waterproof


Real Tree Hunting Headlamp Cap – With Blood Trail Tracker

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best hunting headlampGet yourself a hunting headlamp that makes you spot and track your prey as fast possible. This headlight has clear and green lights. The green colour tracks blood making it easy to spot different animals while you are hunting. While the green light aids in identifying preys, the clear light illuminates for you in the dark. Interestingly, this makes the Real Tree among the best headlamps for hunting activities.

No Band, It’s a Hat!

The headlight holds very well during your hunting activities. It is fixed at the face protecting area of the hat or cap. This makes it strategically positioned to light up the environment with strains or hands input. Moreover, the cap is light and well designed to for a very comfortable hunting cap.

Just like most hunting headlights which require a longer hour life power, Realtree headlight is powered by 4 batteries which give it an hour life of up to 25 hours. This ensures that all your hunting escapades are well illuminated all night long.

Low Profile, High Tech

The fact that it attached to a stylish low profile hat, it is widely used for many outdoor activities. Most people prefer taking night adventures like hunting and fishing with their heads covered from wind and cold weather. Also, this headlight serves them with a dual purpose utility as it provides both head cover and illuminations.

One of the most asked questions is whether the headlight is durable. This could be due to its simplistic nature. Furthermore, our analysis has revealed that when maintained and handled with due care, the hunting headlamp can serve you for a long period of time.

  • It is mounted on a very convenient hunting cap
  • It is very stable and lightweight
  • Has a green light to identify blood trails making it easy to identify animals for hunting in the dark
  • Has a clear lighting for illumination during the night hunting
  • When handled with due care, it can be a long-lasting headlight.

  • The battery has a relatively smaller hour life compared to another headlamp. If needed for less than 25hrs, however, the power is more than enough.

Conclusion on the best headlamp for hunting

Overall, Bushnell Rubicon H250L is the best headlamp for hunting out there. We love its automatic light dimming feature and the advanced lighting technology that Bushnell has packed in it. But if it’s way beyond your budget, our runner-up headlamp for hunting is the Olidear. It has a longer lighting distance and burns for long. Importantly, it’s an affordable hunting headlamp.