High Power Headlamp

A bright headlamp is one tool that all DIYers and outdoor hobbyists (campers, hikers, anglers, runners, hunters, etc.) should never go without. This article is for people looking for a high power headlamp. Do you ever catch yourself trying to ‘’mouth-hold’’ a flashlight just because you need your 2 hands free for a temporal task? Well, that’s one of the many awkward situations that befall us almost daily.

5 High Power Headlamp Reviews

But has it ever occurred to you how convenient a bright, compact headlamp could be? These units do not only free your hands but also shed some light exactly where you need it. And they do this without posing any health threat as ‘mouth-holding’ does. In that case, let’s discover the best high power headlamps in 2017.


Irontria High Power Headlamp- 5000 Lumen, light, waterproof, 4 modes

Irontria-high-power-headlampBright Outdoor Headlight

Pumping out a total of 5000 lumens, Irontria is a good high power headlamp that won’t miss out on any list of the best 5. This power is derived from 2 rechargeable 18650 Li-Ion batteries and shines out through 3 high-quality Cree T6 LEDs.

You’ll be amazed by how far this blastoff torch can illuminate. The 5000 lumens can reach a distance of 300 feet when in its brightest mode. This illumination is more than enough for running and biking. It’s also ideal for outdoor activities that require long range lighting including hunting.

4 working modes

This is one reason why Irontria white headlamp requires a special mention here. Its 4 light modes allow you to choose the best setting for your light needs. By pressing the button once, the middle LED lights up to produce low light that can be used for close up activities such reading and auto repairs.

The mid mode lights up the 2 side LEDs, and the highest mode illuminates all the 3 bulbs. At this mode, the Irontria lights the path or trail far and wide. The 4th mode (strobe) flashes all the LEDS while pulsating. This mode is ideal for emergency cases and when you want others to locate you. 

Is it light?

Well, at 6.1 ounces, Irontria isn’t the lightest of the bunch. It isn’t the heaviest though. The weight is balanced between the headlamps and the battery case held against your head at the back. In fact, you won’t be feeling it after the first around 15 minutes.

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  • Comes with a carrying case
  • It’s scratch resistant
  • Irradiates far and wide
  • 4 working modes for versatility
  • Charge from wall sockets or USB ports
  • Batteries included
  • Battery reverse protection technology
  • Adjustable bands

  • A bit bulky


Eornmor- 6000 lumens, light, adjustable round and top bands, long illumination hours

Eornmor-high-power-headlampExternal battery design

If Irontria’s bulky and slightly heavy design put you off, you might want to consider Eornmor then. It has a unique design from most of the high power headlamps that we’ve come across in our series of the best outdoor headlights.

This one features a separate battery pack with a clip. As such, you can clip it on your belt loops or t-shirt thereby reducing the weight on your head significantly. Again, the battery is connected to the headlight via a 120-centimeter long line. Thus, you can also carry it your pockets comfortably.

High Power Headlamp

With the ability to give out up to 6000 lumens of brightness, Eornmor is the best high power headlamp for the darkest nights. The rechargeable Lithium ion battery has a capacity of 15000mAh. This power is then pumped out through an ultra bright T6 Cree LED with a company-rated lifespan of over 100,000 hours. As such, you’ll be able to use this flashlight for quite some years with minimal care.

Warranty and satisfaction guarantee

Eornmore happens to be the priciest high power headlamp we have on this list at over 30 bucks. As such, it’s quite understandable to feel a bit skeptical about spending so much on a lighting gadget. Luckily, it comes with a 45-day return guarantee just in case it does not meet your needs. In addition, it has a 12-month warranty to clear your doubts.

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  • Customer-friendly guarantee and warranty
  • 6000 lumen light
  • It’s light on your head
  • Shines for long
  • IPX4 waterproof rated
  • Suitable for various indoor and outdoor activities 

  • It’s pricey


GRDE High Power Headlamp- zoomable, 3 modes, versatile placement, bright

GRDE-high-power-headlampVersatile Placement

A good headlight is one that offers you great value for your money. As such, the torch should be easy to use in different instances. There are times when holding the lamp by your hand is more useful. On other occasions, the only option would be placing it on a flat surface. It’s this versatility that makes GRDE one of the most reliable choices in any list of the best high power headlamp reviews.

GRDE has adjustable top and round bands. This allows you to fit it directly on your head or any hardhat or safety/rescue helmet. You can also easily wrap it around your waist if you need to. Moreover, you can simply place it on a desk or table for close-up activities.

Several charging options

Nothing gives you a sense of satisfaction with this purchase than knowing that you can charge the unit from several sources. GRDE High Power Headlamp comes with a wall charger, a USB cable, and a cigarette charger. Resultantly, you can recharge it from the closest source. In fact, you can also charge it from a solar panel provided you have an inverter. 

Zoomable function

GRDE is the best high power headlamp with a zoomable function. This lets you increase or minimize the light intensity simply by zooming in or out. This versatility makes it the best headlamp for fishing, hunting, and biking. 

Great for gifting too

GRDE has a mind-blowing design. Its blue, black, and green accents make it a cool lighting gadget for gifting. So, if you are wondering what to gift a hiker, biker, or a camper this season, GRDE has got you covered.

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  • Usable as a headlamp, desk lamp, or a waist lamp
  • Great design for gifting
  • Has zoomable function
  • 3 light modes
  • Versatile charging options
  • 1800 light lumens 

  • Concern about some units with short top straps


BenRan Camping Headlights

BenRan high power headlampGreat quality to price ratio

There is a reason why 94% of this headlight’s previous users have given it a good 5/5 star rating. That’s because of its incredible features, good construction design that depicts durability and versatility in use. Read on to understand more about it. Perhaps you are looking for a headlamp under $50.

Lights for long

One thing that stands out with this lamp is its incredibly long hours of light time. It uses 2 18650 rechargeable batteries. They are held at the back of your head in a water-tight battery bin. Under a full charge, BenRan offers over 4 hours of light time on the brightest mode and over 7 hours on the power-saving modes. Needless to mention, the hours may be longer if the light is used intermittently.

4 lighting modes with zoomable function

Another feature that makes BenRan worth the buy is its 4 light modes. You can use it on High, Med, or Low. You can also set it on Strobe mode to make your presence be known by others around you. It also has a zoomable function that allows you to concentrate the light on a given object. On this not too, BenRan has a bright red blinking LED on the battery pack that makes you visible from behind. 

It’s a ‘power bank’ too!

A great feature with the GRDE is that you can charge your mobile phones or cameras from it too. The battery bin features a USB output port for this. The package also comes with a USB charger for your phones.

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  • Charges your phones and camera
  • Angle can be adjusted
  • Has zoomable functions
  • 4 modes
  • Bright RED alert light for visibility
  • Aluminum alloy for durability
  • It’s scratch-resistant 

  • It’s heavy at 15 ounces


Izeeker High Power Headlamp- 6000 lumens, 4 modes, waterproof, 900 rotatable

iZeeker high power headlampBest Brightest Headlamp

Izeeker is currently amongst the brightest rechargeable headlamps that the market is offering this year. It uses 2 18650 rechargeable batteries that power 3 Cree T6 LEDs held in 3 separate compartments.

The headlamp again has an advanced circuitry system that boosts the light output thereby giving you incredibly bright light from each charge. That’s not all. Izeeker also has a wider working voltage. Therefore, you always get enough illumination throughout the battery’s cycle.

Comfortable head strap

Designed to offer you utmost comfort levels, Izeeker is fitted with a stretchy headband that fits small and huge heads easily. It also has adjustment buckles that make it easy to reduce or increase the strap’s circumference to fit both adults and kids.

In addition to this, Izeeker has a molded piece of plastic at the back of the lamp unit. This plastic comfortably lies on your forehead and prevents unwanted slipping. 

Multiple charging options

Like GRDE, Izeeker High Power Headlamp also ships with 3 chargers; USB, car charger, and AC charger. You’ll never run out of power with all these options. In fact, you could charge it on your way to the camping site or hunting grounds.

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  • Zoomable
  • Light
  • USB, Cigarette, and AC charging options
  • Adjust 900 up or down
  • 6000 lumens
  • Elastic strap fits all heads and helmets

  • Complaints about some defective batteries



Conclusion about High Power Headlamp

If you like doing some repairs around your home, or you are a regular camper, angler, or hunter, a good high power headlamp will help you get things done easily and fast. It’s also advisable to have a bright headlight in your SUV especially when going for a long road trip. You never know where and when you’ll be forced to bend over the engine and give it a DIY repair.

It’s our hope that you’ve found the best high power headlamp for your needs from our list above. Of course, the best hands-free headlights are inexhaustible. The above are amongst the best though. What headlamp have you used before? How were your experiences with it? Feel free to tell us more about it in the comments section below.