Black Diamond Headlamp Reviews

Wearing a headlamp is an excellent way to conquer darkness. Imagine when you’re out on a moonless night or a winter day where visibility is next to zero.  In this post we are specifically going to cover black diamond headlamp reviews. A headlamp comes in handy to walk you through such situations especially when you can’t use your hand to hold a source of light. Most of us are afraid of walking in the dark, what better way to light up the path if not by a headlamp.

This device is a small torch with a band to go around your head. It gives hands-free operation such that working and fixing things in cramped places is no longer a struggle. You’ll have a brightly lit environment to fix every piece or even read a book in your camping tent with ease.

Here, we look at one particular brand that makes brilliant headlamps. The Black Diamond Equipment company has been around and through their dedication; our purpose of this post is to bring you some of their best designs in headlamps.

Black Diamond Spot Headlamp Black Diamond Storm Head Lamp Black Diamond Cosmo Headlamp Black Diamond ReVolt Headlamp
Black Diamond Spot Headlamp Black Diamond Storm Headlamp Black Diamond Cosmo Headlamp Black Diamond ReVolt Headlamp
Max Lumens: 200 Max Lumens: 250 Max Lumens: 160 Max Lumens: 300
Weight: 3.2 ounces Weight: 3.9 oz Weight: 3.0 oz Weight: 3.1 oz
Light Distance: 80m Light Distance: 80m Light Distance: 60m Light Distance: 80m
Battery: 3x AAA Battery: 4x AAA Battery: 3x AAA Battery: 3x AAA
Max Burn Time: 200 hours Max Burn Time: 150 hours Max Burn Time: 250 hours Max Burn Time: 180 hours
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Black Diamond Spot Headlamp

Black Diamond Spot Headlamp

This device is probably one of the best-rated headlamps we have today. The design defines functionality in all its dimensions. It utilizes one triple power LED, a single power red LED lamp and a single power white LED lamp. It, therefore, can light up a long distance over 80 meters.  The Black Diamond Spot headlamp is available in numerous colors for those that love to add some pop.

Secondly, when looking at this headlamp, it boasts a durable construction where it is waterproof and submersible up to one meter for 30 minutes. This was an important point for these black diamond headlamp reviews.  It gives the chance to explore under water for a maximum of a couple minutes where it still maintains its high-quality performance.

When it comes to making adjustments, it explores power tap technology. This way, you can transition from full to dim light just by tapping the torch. It does not stop there, with the red night vision mode; you get the chance of working with the strobe and proximity settings up to 300lumens of power.

According to where you purpose to see, with this headlamp; have a close-up or long-distance view without toggling through the white mode. What’s more, it’s a lightweight design to not strain your head muscles even with the 3AAA batteries it requires. Great choice when looking for black diamond headlamp reviews

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Black Diamond Revolt Headlamp

Black Diamond ReVolt Headlamp

Do you love camping or spending time outdoors without restrictions? Well, the Black Diamond Revolt Headlamp is just the right deal for you if you’re looking for black diamond headlamp reviews. It is a rechargeable headlamp which gives the flexibility of use with four brightness settings. It can go from very bright in distant mode or dim in proximity setting. You can also go from red night vision or the lock mode in an instant. The latter is important to prevent accidental activations. However, it does not have a boost mode.

Additionally, in the strobe setting, you get a clear and crisp view free from shadows. This aspect makes it fit for use with repairing objects like a leak under the sink. You don’t want to juggle with a hand torch when you want to use your hands to complete tasks fast. This unit takes a small profile over your head with an adjustable strap for a custom fit.

Also, there is no need to worry about changing the brightness mid-way in a work session. With the Revolt, you can adjust the intensity, the moment it turns up. It has asetting memory, so the next time it picks the previous mode which you can then change if it doesn’t fit the current situation.

You also have the option of swapping the batteries to lithium or standard alkaline batteries. This versatility affords them dependability as you can use the rechargeable ones first and afterward swap them out for extended use. It is adorned with a three-level power meter to curb any surprises of a dead battery.

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Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

The Storm headlamp is an all-around unit to tackle all complicated situations that one may have. It is a favorite model owing to the different illumination settings it affords. It is a dazzling lamp which reaches 250 lumens at maximum setting. What more could you need in a torch that benefits from one white double power and one Quad power?

Furthermore, this headlamp uses power tap technology. The brightness adjustments are just at your fingertips. Now you can switch between the dim or increase the illumination instantly. For black diamond headlamp reviews, this is definiltely a notable headlamp. It also has the distance and proximity modes to allow changing of the settings when going down a beat path.

This device is not the type of headlamp that dims as it hits the years. It can maintain the dazzle throughout its life. This aspect goes to speak about its longevity which is complemented by a waterproof housing. The essence of this lamp is to provide reliable performance each time. It has a powerful beam which will give a sense of security if you are alone in the dark.

It’s a great deal that you don’t have to maintain this unit after completing your underwater adventures. This is just the right equipment for persons who can’t help but marvel at water life. Even better the light is regulated to extend the battery life. You should never leave home without the headlamp. It requires no amount of training to use, and the benefits are endless.

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Black Diamond Cosmo Headlight

Black Diamond Cosmo Headlamp

If you are out searching for the ideal solution when pitching your tent after sundown, you’ll want to look at the Cosmo headlight. Its 90lumen torch is a lightweight design with the functionality of a professional model. It is one of those headlamps that require no maintenance but offers the same value over its life.

With the two modes in either proximity or distance, you can light up just around where you are or further up the hiking trail. Say for example you are fixing the engine of your car; you just want the proper illumination to identify the different parts. That’s why the brightness intensity is adjustable to a pleasant setting.

Also, there’s the very important red night vision mode. It is a crucial aspect when walking in pitch darkness. You’ll want to identify and recognize the figures around you so that you can know when to take a run for your life. Seeing that all the modes are accessible by one button, you are set for random surroundings.

As with any other good headlamp, you should be able to use this one amidst of weather extremities as in stormy weather. This one is ready to brace the showers, and heavy falls equally. If you want to dance in the rain, we have the Cosmo headlight to create beautiful memories.

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What Is Black Diamond?

World-leading innovation is what Black Diamond is all about. This article about black diamond headlamp reviews gives you some basics about the company. With roots going back to 1957, the ideas behind their equipment are backed by years of experience. Yvon Chouinard is behind the first Piton products sold under his name before the company was absorbed in 1989 under the name Black Diamond Europe.

This change in hands saw more developments with their products exploding throughout Europe. From mountain sports and climbing equipment, their notable products include quickdraws, carabiners and harnesses, helmets, climbing protection and many others. They have also have spring loaded camming devices, belay devices, ice screws, trekking poles, big wall equipment and back packs.

In 2006, Black Diamond Asia opened its doors in Zhuhai China. It served as a manufacturing and distribution center until the Clarus Corporation absorbed it under the Black Diamond Inc.

The story behind Black Diamond, and why you should trust them

Over the years, this corporation manufactures products for skiing and climbing while integrating other gear companies in its line of production. Other products include shelters like tents and avalanche safety equipment and as such a head lamp is a necessary piece of accessory in dark winter days.

With a push to create the best arsenal, Black Diamond sees to it that their products drive technology to new heights. They create the leading advancements in climbing safety measures including transceivers.

Additionally, they have a wide array of headlamps, and we believe the four products above shine a better light on what you get from Black Diamond. A must for reading about black diamond headlamp reviews. Apart from standing out in developments, they collaborate with scientists, mountain guides, instructors, and rescue teams to bring you home safe.

Other unique categories by this brand include women’s apparel as they understand the need for female athletes to maintain a high level of perfection. They delve into skiing, mountaineering, climbing and other high alpine suits.


Black Diamond is a world-renowned brand. They have their offices in three continents, meaning their products are available fast and easy. They value the need for adventure that’s why with their sporting gear; you can feel safe to explore the world above and under water. This article about black diamond headlamp reviews tries to encompass a basic understanding about the company.

Finally, a headlamp is just a piece of the board whose importance cannot be understated. It’s this brand’s mission to ensure that you end up with high-quality equipment to brace the outdoors with confidence and agility. If you feel like rushing up some adrenaline, do so with the comfort of the Black Diamond apparel and safety equipment.