Boruit Headlamp Reviews

So you are planning to go hiking or camping? Don’t forget a headlamp as part of your arsenal. In this article we outline some of our favorite headlamps in boruit headlamp reviews. Everywhere around us, there’s a reason to use one. From reading a map at night to accessing a dark basement, you’ll find light comes in handy. It’s no surprise that flashlights used to be the only method of illuminating the world around us but now with modern developments, comes the convenience of using a headlamp in a much practical manner.

Among outdoor headlamps, one particular brand stands out. The Boruit brand offers a line of sophisticated night optics that serve a wide array of applications. They are some of the best for hunting, camping, hiking, mountaineering and during other outdoor activities. We like Boruit because their products are easy to handle and come with reliable features including LED beams with different light colors for diverse situations. Lets get started with the boruit headlamp reviews.

Boruit Hunting LED Headlamp Boruit Purple UV Light Headlamp Boruit LED 5000 Lumens 4 Modes Headlamp Boruit RJ-5000 Headlamp Cree XM-L2
Boruit Headlamp Review Boruit Purple UV Headlamp Boruit Headlamp Boruit RJ5000 Headlamp
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Battery: rechargeable Battery: rechargeable Battery: rechargeable Battery: rechargeable
LED service time: 100,000 hrs LED service time: 100,000 hrs LED service time: 100,000 hrs LED service time: 100,000 hrs
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Boruit Hunting LED Headlamp

Boruit Headlamp Reviews

If you are heading out into unfamiliar grounds, the Boruit Hunting LED Headlamp gives you everything you need on a headlamp. When looking for boruit headlamp reviews this is an important consideration. The illumination is top-notch in that it carries XML-T6 white light which is bright to every eye type. You’ll feel it illuminates to a vast distance giving a full field of view. When you want to make a clear shot in the dark, it’s imperative that you see where the arrow or bullet is going, that’s where the white light comes in.

Key Features

It has a construction with three modes including 2LED green brightness, one high white and another low white. With the options to dim the light, you can either focus in proximity or over a long distance. This is the ideal headlamp in random surroundings like in fishing or where you need to detect other activities thanks to the green light.

Did you know the human eye perceives green light more than in animals? What’s more, animals are not startled by this lighting hence they don’t scatter, and you can go for the kill when hunting and fishing. The lighting angle can change to suit your needs when working outdoors. Say you want to move one of the torches when sighting in a rifle; you’ll be in for a great time in exploring the area around you.

Durable Construction

This headlamp benefits from a lightweight design, thanks to the aluminum alloy body. It is waterproof to brace showers and storms but not entirely to submerge in water. And, you don’t have to suffer from a headache after using this headlamp. It also supports over 10,000 hours of battery life when you input the 18650 batteries. With such power, you can use it on a bike or at home for basic lighting during a blackout. Great addition to boruit headlamp reviews.

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Boruit Purple UV Light Headlamp

Boruit Purple UV Headlamp - Boruit Headlamp Reviews

If you are looking for a versatile headlamp, then you have the Boruit Purple UV Light Headlamp to thank. Its primary beam is also the XML-T6, but it also explores the XR-E and R2 LED purple lights. This feature gives the ability to use the lamp in various situations. It has two color choices which are the 100% high white and medium 50% white as the illuminations. The purple complements the unit in a 50% color accentuation to the two white settings.

Versatile Applications for boruit headlamp reviews 

It is one of those units that have professional aspects to it in that it can be of use in examining crime scenes, cracked glass, invisible ink and checking fine print in the dark. Things to consider in boruit headlamp reviews.  If you want a sophisticated tool for the outdoor, then your camping experience just changed for the better. You can use it to cook when the moon dims as it is equally at home under a tent or in the back yard.

Compact and Portable

You’ll want to take advantage of the portability of this headlamp since it comes in a small size. The device uses rechargeable batteries that can afford up to 10,000 hours of use. Although it takes quite long time to charge, you’ll be grateful when you are done since you might even forget they are rechargeable after the long usage they provide. What’s more, the manufacturer offers three chargers; you can have one for the car, another for at home and also store the third together with your camping arsenal.

Robust Design

This particular headlamp seeks a sturdy design which can withstand great outdoor abuse. Our boruit headlamp reviews article outlines that. You don’t want your headlamp to malfunction after it bumps on rough terrain. The manufacturer ensures it will give you proper performance in good condition for a long time.

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Boruit LED 5000 Lumens 4 Modes Headlamp

Boruit Headlamp - Boruit Headlamp Reviews

Another exceptional design by Boruit is their LED 5000 Lumens Headlamp. It has three L2 bulbs whose brightness intensity can be changed over four modes. These settings include the low, mid, strobe and high. It provides a comfortable fit with adjustable straps. It can rotate over a 900 angle which comes in handy when scanning the area you are walking on.

Long Distance Bright LEDs

You understands the value of a bright headlamp when they are trying to find your way out of a rocky path with no avail. With this particular model, it offers 5000 lumens in a very subtle unit. It can throw light over 500meters so you won’t only provide light for yourself but also for other campers. Is this something you’d like when reading about boruit headlamp reviews?

The battery life is not the most admirable aspect, but you can have four to six hours of continuous use. The life depends on the brightness intensity that you set it. The low mode extends the battery to work for longer. It comes with two chargers where one is a universal USB. This aspect means that you don’t have to carry another charger for your phone as you can share it among the devices.

Excellent Housing for Longevity

It’s incredible that such a small unit can resist damage from the outdoor elements. Its aluminum housing ensures that it retains its right out of the box brightness as it resists rust in saline environments. The headlamp is complemented by a rubber strap to fit in a snug but comfortable manner around the head.

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Boruit RJ-5000 Headlamp Cree XM-L2

Boruit RJ5000 Headlamp - Boruit Headlamp Reviews

During after dark adventures, this super bright headlamp will lead you out to the safe zone. If you are hiking up a steep path, the best thing for you is to know where you are going by being able to read a map. Our boruit headlamp reviews will do just that. You cannot do that effectively if you are straining to see. The Boruit RJ proves it is reliable in providing different options concerning your current situation.

Flexible Brightness Intensities

It has four modes. The shadow free strobe setting, high, mid and low, makes it ideal for traveling and navigating through unfamiliar terrain with ease. The head strap is adjustable such that it can fit different head frames. The aluminum casing provides the lightness experienced while making it impervious to water.

Sturdy Construction

It seals completely from moisture, and since the parts have an anti-rust coating, you can expect it to maintain its exterior texture as good as new. Its internal wiring follows a high-performance booster circuit.  This means that the illumination never dims throughout its life. With it, other people can also follow behind when walking through on a one-person trail owing to the green backlight.

Rechargeable Batteries

As an active hiker, a headlamp with rechargeable batteries is what you need. Most important, this one comes with two charging methods. You can use its charger or the available USB cable. It is, therefore reliable more so because it can maintain a full charge for a long time.

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What Is Boruit?

Our boruit headlamp reviews article is about Shenzhen Yihexin Company who is behind the Boruit LED headlamps. They are based in Taiwan with their main role in manufacturing and distribution of this trademark item. Having opened their doors in 2008, the company has a specialty in Optoelectronic products. Their notable devices include the 3528 and 5050 lamps beads series which include the T5, T8 and T9 LED tubes.

This company has grown to provide a capacity of over a hundred employees with more than 20 specializing in engineering. Having made notable improvements, the company has partnered with major companies based in two continents. Their branches are in Taiwan, Macao, and in Europe.

More About The Boruit Brand

They have taken the lead in producing automatic production equipment like the automatic SMD welding machine. Also, it manufactures International LED automated equipment, Automatic SMD solid crystal, and spectral devices. With such great ideas, one can warm up to their high-quality products as they prove they are ahead in making advancements in the lighting industry.

It extends its inventions through environment-friendly products like the Moroccan lantern, outdoor wall lanterns; beads candle lights and many others. Having passed the SGS International Environment Certification, you get quality items which care about the environment you live in.

Conclusion about Boruit Headlamp Reviews

Boruit provides functional headlamps that are elegant and versatile at the same time. One cannot fail to see the defining features such as different modes, durable housing, and bright LED torches. They work on the principle of dependability according to the situation one is in. Some come with different light colors to tackle specific situations like the purple headlamp that can be of use in scanning crime scenes.

If you are looking for technology that has been crafted to suit your needs, look no more. Boruit has environment-friendly products especially in this brand which uses rechargeable batteries. You’ll not have to dispose of used batteries that degrade the soil over time. It is a brand that not only supports the individual buyer but also the society that lets it thrive.