Pelican Headlamp Reviews

A headlamp gives you the advantage of finding your way in the dark. Most likely night excursions may end up most unpredictably if you are not armed with the right lighting device. That’s why you should opt for a good headlamp. It helps keep your hands free so whether you are setting down your camper or preparing a meal in your backyard, you can always have a comprehensive view. This article about Pelican headlamp reviews sheds some light about the company and their products.

There are all sorts of headlamps on the market today. They range from the simple basic ones to those with advanced optics for extreme conditions. A good headlamp should be light on the head, have considerable battery life, great beam distance and water resistant to face the outdoors. In this article, we look at the Pelican brand. It has a unique line of headlamps using high tech to provide reliable performance when out in the night. They are lightweight, durable and most of all affordable.


Pelican 2720 LED Headlight Review

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pelican headlamp reviewsThe Pelican 2720 features an impressive set of functions. With 200lumens at maximum, you can see out far and wide. It is useful when you want to find your way out of a trail on beaten paths. The beam goes the distance with the adjustable beam. With 4xpower, it opens up opportunities to go for hunting escapades when the light dims on you. It can last three hours at the highest brightness setting and 103hours on the lowest. This way, you can control the battery usage so that it serves you for the longest time possible. Important point when looking at pelican headlamp reviews.

This is one of the high-quality headlamps you can get on the market. Starting with the rugged exterior plus the adjustable beam, you get the most out of this device. You’ll like that it comes with an optional red beam. It is useful in preserving your night vision when you are using it on the brightest setting. It also has an optional flashing red that you can use in case of emergencies.

When it comes to the powering of this headlamp, it is supplied with 3xAAA batteries. They are responsible for keeping it lit for long periods at a time. The good thing with this light is that it can also take up NiMH and alkaline batteries. This option makes this device versatile in its functions. You’ll like even more for the gesture activation control. When your hands are full or greasy a wave of the hand gets it to turn ON or OFF.

When it comes to the head strap, it is an elastic band which you can adjust for a custom fit. The light is hinged such that you can rotate it to the side to save you from the constant turning of the head. It has foam rubber on the mount to provide a soft landing against your head. With the flood beam, it is best for close distance lighting.


Pelican 2760 Pro Gear LED Headlight Review

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pelican headlamp reviewsIf you like exploring and taking on adventures, you may find yourself in the dead of night without lighting equipment. Say your flashlight fails you or you drop it down the hill. The Pelican 2760 is a good option for wearing on the head so you are not at risk of losing it. It utilizes advanced optics and a unique construction to give the best lighting.

This device has four operation modes including the high, low, flashing and downcast modes. Every mode has its capacity to extend the battery usage about the choices you make. At the highest intensity, you get 2hours of battery life, at the low mode; you get 3.5hours while at the downcast mode it can give you fourteen hours. It all depends on the tasks you need since if you want to cast light to a far distance, you’ll have to use the highest setting which uses high energy.

The beauty of this headlamp is in its flexibility considering pelican headlamp reviews. The light has three distant settings such that you can cast the beam up to 383ft on the high for lighting paths and 283ft where you can scan the environment. It also has the downcast mode which can stretch to 59ft and is quite convenient when reading a book in your tent. And, you won’t go worrying about operating the lamp since it has one switch to make the adjustments you need.

Another advantage of this headlamp is that it comes with the accessories. From the 3AAA batteries to the headband you need to wear it comfortably. What’s more, it does not weigh you down with the 3oz frame it carries. You can be out in the rain, and this headlamp will still perform at full capacity thanks to the O-ring seal that it carries. It seals completely from moisture; hence it is durable.


Pelican 2740 Headlamp Review

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pelican headlamp reviewsOne of the most intuitive headlamps is presented by the Pelican 2740. The head can pivot to 45degrees meaning you’ll be using your eyes instead of turning the head when you want to see your surroundings. The lamp explores 3LED design with 100lumens for the brightest illumination.

You’ll like it better as it can preserve your eyesight with the available red beam. This means at the wake of dawn; you won’t squint your eyes when you are against the sun’s dazzling light. You can set it in the highest, lowest or flash setting. This convenience provides you the best tool for using it in different conditions.

This device comes complete with a tough exterior. It meets the IPX4 standards. Thus, it is resistant to water, dust, fogging and debris. You’ll be able to use it in extreme environments since it is reliable to maintain the standards it has set forth. The two white settings are on the lowest intensity have the capability of running for 51hours.

For those that love investing in an affordable product, it is hard to pass this pelican headlamp reviews contender. The price barely touches on the upscale range even with the high-quality features it showcases. What’s more, it comes with the adjustable head strap that you get to choose the color. Overall this headlamp is convenient, lightweight, and water resistant, falling under the category of the most sought headlamps.


Pelican Progear 2750 Headlamp Review

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pelican headlamp reviewsIf you enjoy late night trips like hiking, biking, skiing, and the like, it is best to invest in the best headlamp. And when you have one with excellent optics and reasonably priced, then you can’t miss on such an opportunity. The Pelican 2750 Progear Headlamp provides you with an advanced headlight with so much to offer.

First, it has two brightness settings. The high at 100 lumens and the low is at 40lumens. You get to not only use this headlamp for yourself but your friends too. The beam can range out further distances with the possibility to switch the beam to a shorter distance with the flip of a switch. Besides it even has the coveted red beam to take you safely through the night.

The battery life gives 12 hours on the lowest setting. It also uses 3AAA batteries with the possibility of using rechargeable NiMH, NiCD, or Lithium batteries. Speaking about pelican headlamp reviews, the unit is sturdy enough to allow for fast switching of the batteries when needed. Plus the unit comes in a bright yellow color to let others know you are in the vicinity if the device is switched OFF.

The Pelican 2750 Progear also lives up to IPX4 standards. It can withstand the outdoor extremities that come with heavy downpours which may render the unit useless. However, with this model, it has a tight seal against any form of moisture provided you do not immerse it in water.

The Pelican Brand

Pelican Products is the company behind this pelican headlamp reviews article. It is an American based Multinational Company with its headquarters in Torrance California. They specialize in controlled packaging, protective cases, and portable lighting systems. David Parker put his dream into action by starting this company in 1975. Although it did not start as a lighting company, David always had a desire to create unique products.

This company has undergone a series of changes in creating the Pelican product. In 2004, Pelican products were born with an equity investment. From there, as they say, it is history, as the company went ahead to have many companies under its name including Bluei UK which specializes in portable LED area lighting. The most notable products of this company include mobile phone cases and flashlights.

Exploring the Pelican Brand

As the enterprise continues to expand, so is their line of designs. They now produce sophisticated flashlights which are of use by the military and law enforcement. Pelican is careful with caring for the environment seeing that their torches pass through many safety procedures.

They are rated best for waterproof flashlights which meet approvals by various boards sitting in different countries including Canada, UK, and Australia. It also offers remote area lighting like those used in tents and outdoor lighting. These types of lighting systems are usually remote controlled. When considering pelican headlamp reviews, think about these points.

Their flashlights range from single heads up to four heads giving them a wide following among emergency responders and maintenance workers. Pelican is full of innovations with its most recent patented design of the recoil LED.

Conclusion About Pelican Headlamp Reviews

For a brand that has grown tremendously over the years, you can tell this is a reputable company. It has world renowned flashlights which care for the environment and the consumer. This brand purposes to bring the best of headlamps to ensure that you feel safe when using their products. Pelican believes in their designs seeing that they guarantee every purchase for life. They lead in making huge steps towards bringing useful headlamps on their selling platforms. They have major distribution centers in Australia and operate in 21 countries. If you are looking to upgrade to a better flashlight, then pelican headlamp reviews is the way to go.