Best LED Headlamp

best led headlampIf you are into hiking, backpacking, camping, and the like, you have probably needed to use an led headlamp to illuminate the path ahead of you. But a flashlight gives you a hard time when it comes to doing simple tasks like lighting a matchbox or preparing a meal. That’s why headlamps come in handy. They give you directed light and more so keep your hands free. The essence of a headlamp is in the performance. Bulbs bring about a significant difference in the brightness of the lamp. In this post we go over the best LED headlamp options available today.

With advancements in technology, manufacturers have found that the use of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) produces more energy efficient and brighter light than conventional headlamps. They have a longer burn time and give you long-term value for your money.

Let’s get to the top rated, best led headlamps of the year.

Petzl-REACTIK Bluetooth Enabled LED Headlamp

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best led headlampPetzl is well-known for bringing some of the best LED headlamp options to cavers and mountaineers. You should expect that their LED head torch is top-notch. And indeed, this model speaks of an innovative design. Starting with the Bluetooth capability which lets you control the headlamp remotely.

Intuitive Profile Settings

First, you can set the best LED headlamp to different brightness levels which help in preserving the battery life. There are three modes to choose from: the lowest, reactive, and constant modes. Also, at the lowest brightness level, your runtime increases to a few more hours than in the reactive mode.

Secondly, you’ll also be able to access readings of the battery level so that you can have an idea of how long to be out before the battery dies. Moreover, in the reactive mode, it adapts the brightness according to the ambient light. Interestingly, this means in case you are in line with oncoming traffic; the bulb dims to prevent blinding of some light in front of you.

Built for the Outdoors

To start, it’s great to find a subtle best LED headlamp which can withstand the outdoor elements. Furthermore, this model is IPX4 water resistant. It stays dry amidst of showers and storms. It can also venture in rugged areas where it could be susceptible to getting a few hits. Finally, the tough aluminum exterior keeps the interior components functioning right each time.

  • It uses rechargeable batteries
  • Lightweight and subtle design
  • Bands are adjustable and washable
  • Bluetooth enabled

  • It’s a bit pricey


Black Diamond Cosmo LED Headlamp

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best led headlampIf you enjoy hikes and mountaineering adventures, you’ll want to have a look at the Black Diamond Cosmo Headlamp. Additionally, it gives three lighting modes in proximity, long-range and strobe functions. First of all, you can see a trail out to 60 meters using the spot beam. Moreover, the flood beam provides a broad and close viewing illumination of 25 meters at only 160 lumens. Also, the red strobe mode activates fast without having to toggle through the white light. Therefore, you can react and be ready for the unpredictable outdoors.

User-friendly Design

Interestingly, the Cosmo best LED headlamp is tiltable to the angle you desire. There’s no direction it won’t point so you can provide light for yourself and other loved ones in your path. This product is sleek and light that you won’t feel the bulk on your head. Moreso, it runs on three AAA which distribute the weight evenly on your head.

Battery Life

This best LED headlamp is estimated to last a good 120hours on the highest illumination and 250hours on the lowest setting. Also, this is because it does not draw as much power to provide the bright light thanks to using of LEDs. It gives long running times and efficiency when working in the field.

Water Resistant to IPX-4

In all outdoor pursuits, you are going to encounter showers and storms from time to time. The Cosmo ensures you can find your way even as water droplets hit the glass with breaking force. It resists the formation of water beads and fogging on the inside to provide a shining light through unexpected weather.

  • Casts light to a long distance
  • Long battery life
  • Great value for money
  • Solid, water-resistant construction

  • It’s not submersible in water


Nitecore HC60 Rechargeable LED Headlamp

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best led headlampTo start, for those who experience stormy winters and blizzards, you’ll definitely need a the best LED headlamp that can see through the fog and mist. The Nitecore HC60 proves to be what you need with a capacity of giving off 1000 lumens of extra bright light. Moreover, it can be set in five other modes to customize your lighting according to your exact needs. Also, it is powered by a neutral white LED bulb which makes it look more natural and less dazzling.


This unit is rechargeable via USB. It eliminates the need to keep on buying new batteries each time the batteries die. With a USB, it can charge from anything that has a power port. Say your computer, tablet, phone, and many others. It saves you money and does not have extended downtime moments when it dies.

The turbo mode gives off one solid hour, and the dim setting can get you 680 hours. Isn’t that impressive?

Superior Coverage

The Nitecore has a wide beam which gives off light on a 100-degree spread. So, your campsite will feel like it’s under a bright moon illuminating every corner of your tent. Better still, it can rotate 90-degrees so that you get directed light. Lastly, it has a beam distance of 128 yards which is pretty awesome for trail runners.

  • Extremely lightweight (5oz)
  • 1000lumens super bright light
  • Simple user interface
  • Comes with the batteries

  • The straps are prone to sagging


Coast HL8 Focusing LED Headlamp

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best led headlampThe Coast HL8 is a great outdoor best LED headlamp. It provides the right combination of weight, durability, battery life and performance. First, you have a lamp that uses a pure beam which can switch between spot and flood to provide optimum visibility.

Finally, you’ll like how expansive it goes which helps to see and identify objects at close range hence keeping you safe. Moreover, the spot beam casts light to 196 meters perfect for people who are walking along the same trail.

Fast and easy switching between modes

Apart from the twist focus system; this headlamp uses a light control knob to help with secure control of the output. At the touch of a dial, you can go from high, to middle and low light intensities. Further, it allows you to customize the light output and helps in improving the battery runtime.

Lifetime Commitment to Quality

Coast gives a lifetime warranty on the HL8. Additionally, it assures you of a product that’s tried and tested for facing the outdoors. It is water and impact resistant meaning it can work in the best condition over the time you’ll have it. Lastly, The LED bulb is virtually unbreakable so have at it and be the best adventurist.

  • Works great for both short range and long distance illumination
  • Reliable battery life
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Beam direction is adjustable

  • Not ultralight at 12.8 ounces

VITCHELO V800 LED Headlamp

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best led headlampLooking for a versatile headlamp? Well, the VITCHELO V800 fits the picture. It is an all-around LED lamp which is excellent for all low-lit conditions. This best LED headlamp is lightweight and sits on the head comfortably. Moreover, it has six brightness level, a steady red beam, and a strobe setting for the emergency red beam. Also, as one of the most popular headlamps, it boasts 360 ft long distance range using its 160 lumens.

Simple Switching and Usage

Second, this headlamp excels as the most straightforward device to control. Furthermore, it comes with two separate buttons to operate the white and red modes separately. Therefore, this means you won’t be toggling the white light to get to the red beam. Finally, it helps you master switching between the dimming, constant and signaling settings with ease.

Durable Construction

Whether you get caught in torrential rain or drop the torch in a stream, it promises to work as good as new. Again, this is because it is protected from water with a rating of IPX6. Hence, it is impact resistant and is fog and dust proof. Finally, these aspects improve its overall durability since you won’t be replacing it anytime soon.

  • Super bright 160lumens
  • Separate buttons for the white and red beam
  • Sleek and compact suits trail runners, hikers, joggers, etc
  • Long distance spot beam (360ft)

  • Limited battery life of 12 hours at highest brightness setting

Factors to consider when buying the best LED headlamp

LED beams

First off, there are three types of beams in LED headlamps. To start, you have spot beams, flood, and red beams. Also, spot beams are preferred if you have to view objects over long distances. Interestingly, flood beams come in handy for lighting up a wide area while red beams preserve night vision and also help other people see you from a distance.


Alkaline AAA batteries power most LED headlamps. They can contribute immensely to the weight of the torch more so if you’ll be wearing it for extended hours like in caving expeditions.

Additionally, rechargeable LED headlamps are now catching on, but they come at a premium price. All you need with a rechargeable headlamp is a USB cable and a source of power.

Ease of Use

Fumbling in the dark with a torch is quite annoying. Looking at the LED headlamp of your choice, make sure the buttons are stiff and easily reachable. Also, ensure that you can operate the lamp when wearing gloves.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

As you can see, the best LED headlamp has better battery life than their standard counterparts. Moreso, many users have approved our top choices as the most reliable, and you’ll attest to that when you start using one. Always look at the essential elements that make an LED; like the spot and flood distance. Therefore, this will help you avoid compromises which could cost you an enjoyable outdoor trip.