Best Headlamp Reviews 2020

best headlamp reviews

Headlamps are a key piece of equipment for work or outdoor adventures. Whether you’re looking for the right headlamp reviews for camping, hiking, hunting, biking, work, or running — we have you covered. So, what makes the best headlamp? This article carefully outlines the top 20 best headlamps available on the market today. Being an avid outdoors person, I’ve used a variety of headlamps over the years. I’ve tried the really cheap dollar store headlamps and some pricey alternatives too. They all have their pros and cons but only a handful can be named the best headlamp. In this post we aim to define the cream of the crop in the headlamp world. Finally, if you’re looking for the best headlamp, then you have come to the right place.

We’ve put together a headlamp reviews comparison table as well as a buyer’s guide to help you make a more informed decision when going out to buy your headlamp.

Black Diamond Spot

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best headlamp reviewsBlack Diamond is one of the biggest players in the headlamp market. They have a variety of headlamps for all kinds of uses. The Black Diamond Spot headlamp is one of their best selling and most well reviewed products. When you’re on the search for the best headlamp reviews, this should be on your shortlist. First off, for this price, it will be hard to find something that beats the number of features that this headlamp boasts. If you’re looking for power, then the Spot emits 200 lumens of lighting goodness! The Spot headlamp is designed with 3 different types of LED lights for different power levels. Coming with a Triple Power LED, a Single Power white LED and a Single Power red LED, all kinds of lighting combinations can be had.

Sleek Style

The nice thing about this headlamp is that it’s sleek, good looking and doesn’t get in the way. I’m personally not a huge fan of the over the top, 3-band bulky headlamps so this one is top in my books. Included is a RED night vision LED which is very important for camping and hunting as this type of light preserves your night vision. You know when someone turns the light on at night and you can barely open your eyes? Well, that’s what the red LED is for.

Completely Waterproof

Black Diamond made this headlamp waterproof. Is it the best headlamp though? Water resistance is one thing, but waterproof is even better. Furthermore, the Spot is waterproof rated to IPX8. Operating under water for 30 minutes at a depth of 1.1 meters is an important feature. Secondly, when you’re out running or in the bush hiking or camping, you can’t underestimate the settings of your headlamp. Black Diamond didn’t disappoint with full strength, distance, dimming, strobe, red night vision and a lock mode.

Finally, coming in at a weight of only 3.2 oz, the Black Diamond Spot is lightweight. You don’t want a heavy headlamp especially if running or biking. The Spot can be the best headlamp for different types of work environments as well. Take note of these things when reading headlamp reviews.

  • Light weight
  • Great price to value ratio
  • Completely waterproof
  • Red LED for nightvision
  • Battery level indicator

  • Settings toggle takes getting used to


Fenix HL55

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best headlamp reviewsFenix is a well known brand in the lighting industry. Their lighting products are made from aircraft grade aluminum and are built to last. The company makes one of the best headlamps on the market – the HL55 headlamp.

This is a powerful headlamp boasting 900 lumens of power in the burst mode. Most of the best headlamp candidates dare to compete with that kind of lighting power. Additionally, with 5 modes to choose from you will not be short on options. Here at headlamp reviews, what we found that stands out about this headlamp is the sheer power of it. Combining lighting and distance, the HL55 rises amongst the rest.

Great Distance & Waterproof

Furthermore, the beam light distance maxes out at a staggering 381 feet! As with other comparable lights, the HL55 is also waterproof rated to IPX8. Hikers, campers and hunters rejoice because in the eco mode you can extend the life of this one to 150 hours. You will need an 18650 lithium ion battery to power this headlamp.

Finally, the HL55 has a digitally regulated output system that gives the user a constant brightness level. This may not be an ideal headlamp for the casual reader, home worker or mechanic. When reading headlamp reviews, pick the headlamp for the right activity. For those that are looking for a powerful punch at a great price, consider the HL55 when on your search for the best headlamp.

  • 900 lumens of pure power
  • Waterproof to IPX8
  • Long battery life in eco mode
  • 5 lighting modes
  • Hard adonized anti abrasive finish

  • You need an 18650 Li-Ion battery or 2 CR123A batteries


Coast HL7

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best headlamp reviewsCoast is a reputable headlamp manufacturer from Portland, Oregon that has roots going back to 1919. With quality lighting in mind, Coast has created the HL7 headlamp.  First of all, what makes the Coast HL7 stand out is the focusing technology. Focusing allows you to cast a wide light beam then quickly turn the interface to a focused spot beam. If you’re hiking, hunting or fishing you would be able to focus a bright light directly on a target at the twist of the bezel.

Lumens Galore

Secondly, the HL7 gives you a long beam distance of 390 feet. If I were to recommend the best headlamp for fishing, this would be the one. Notably, the beam distance and focusing features prove to be very useful for fishing. To add some punch, the HL7 can beam out up to 285 lumens of lighting power. Consider lighting power and focusing technology when searching for the best headlamp.

Battery Life & Warranty

Moreover, the HL7 by Coast has a solid runtime of 70 hours in its lowest setting, and 1h 30 min on high power. Since it’s powered only by 3 AAA batteries, these stats are pretty impressive. Finally, did we mention the lifetime warranty? Yes! Let me repeat that: Lifetime Warranty. If you’re hunting for the best headlamp, warranty is key to help you make your decision.

  • Focusing Technology
  • Great distance
  • Price point is very competetive
  • Good runtime for AAA batteries

  • Heavier than comparable models at 4.4 oz


Petzl Tikka

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best headlamp reviewsPetzl is a trusted brand that has been developing headlamps for over 30 years. The company is constantly evolving to bring you lighter, more efficient headlamps that adapt to your needs. If you are a hunter, camper or cyclist, Petzl carries some great headlamps. Today, headlamp reviews brings you the original headlamp that put Petzl on the map: The Tikka headlamp.

Brightness is Key

First off, the Petzl Tikka boasts an impressive 200 lumens of lighting power. So, if you’re just working around the house or exploring and trekking, the Tikka is a great all around headlamp. With a maximum burn time of 240 hours in its lowest setting, the Tikka does not disappoint in the battery life department. Additionally, with the strobe feature, this headlamp can go up to 400 hours and be visible from up to 700 meters.

What makes the Petzl Tikka stand out?

The Petzl Tikka has a number of interesting unique features. First off, one feature that is notable is an inclusion of a phosphorescent reflector. Have you ever tried to find your headlamp in the dark? If you are camping, hiking, backpacking or hunting, then finding your headlamp in the dark can be a reality for you. Additionally, the reflector in this best headlamp helps you find it in the dark for those situations where you need to grab it without seeing it too well. Furthermore, the Tikka has a red light feature that preserves your night visions and doesn’t blind other people in your group.

Battery choices for this headlamp are a highlight. You can power the headlamp with 3 regular AAA batteries. What sets it apart is that you can replace the reguar batteries with a CORE rechargeable battery. This will help you on your search for the best headlamp. It only weighs 3oz with batteries installed too! This is a headlamp reviews favorite.

  • 240 hour burn time
  • Rechargeable battery option
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Amazing price

  • Not designed for sand and mud


Princeton Tec Apex

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best headlamp reviewsPresenting the Princeton Tec Apex LED Headlamp. This is a power house of a headlamp that is designed for the serious adventurer. Dominating the field with 350 lumens of power the Princeton Tec Apex is one heck of a bright headlamp. Amazingly, Princeton Tec strives to provide one of the best headlamp available today. Designed for extreme outdoors people, cavers, hikers, hunters and overall people that like to live life on the wild side! Alternatively, this headlamp is a serious work light that is rated for various hazardous environments.

Incredible Work Light For Sensitive Environments

The Princeton Tec Apex LED Headlamp is approved for use in Class I Division 2 Groups A, B, C & D and Class II Division 2 Groups F & G. 

Each LED on the Apex is regulated providing for a more stable light source. This best headlamp contender delivers the options for you to choose between a bright flood or an intense spot beam. The MaxBright LED has a high and low setting for spot lights. Furthermore, the 4 ultrabright LED’s have 3 different intensity settings for the flood mode. Headlamp reviews gives this one top marks.

  • Great For Hardhats
  • Hazardous Zone Usage
  • High Lumen Output

  • Could be more durable

Petzl Nao

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best headlamp reviewsWhen it comes to sophisticated lighting, Petzl Nao Headlamp scores big. First, it features perfect trail finding as it can cast light far and spread it out evenly. You’ll no longer just see there’s a figure in your path, but you’ll also recognize the subject. Expect to feel safe all the time thanks to the powerful beam.

Reactive Lighting

If you find yourself in the city trails, you’ll mostly be in proximity with drivers. It’s quite annoying when a torch flashes in their eyes. With a headlamp that adapts its brightness according to ambient light, you no longer have to dim the torch. The LED bulb dims by itself and thereby offers a smooth road relationship with motorists.

Furthermore, the reactive light works correctly only when there are not many other sources of light nearby. It becomes distracting in the presence of other headlamps and light sources like a campfire. However, we like that you can correct this by selecting a specific brightness level. This means you get an even flood light instead of a flickering light. Sifting through headlamp reviews, this could be a key point.

Uses a Smart App

Everyone wants a device they can control fast and easy. Petzl Nao explores the MyPetzl Light app which is available for smartphones and tablets. It lets you program the 750 lumens giving you a personalized experience for your best headlamp. You can know the available burn time as well as instantly adjust the brightness level. It’s the ultimate option that meets all ergonomic requirements.

  • Uses a light sensor for instant brightness adjustments
  • Has constant light to optimize the battery life
  • Charges via a universal USB cable
  • Has a spot and flood beam

  • It’s heavier than most headlamps


Petzl Tactikka+

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best headlamp reviewsFor all the backpacking lovers, you know well enough that reducing the bulk of your pack is of utmost importance. Don’t let the best headlamp you have drag you behind. Take the Petzl Tactikka+ headlamp and start enjoying the outdoors more. This light succeeds in being the most lightweight since it’s minimal. You’ll not feel its weight on your head so you won’t be contending with a headache after a long trekking trip.

Great Light Output

With three brightness levels, you get to have both proximity and long distance lighting with this best headlamp. The flood beam makes it easy to see things up close like when preparing a meal at the campsite. Also, with the spot beam, you’ll find the trail and light up everyone’s path. Here at headlamp reviews, we love that it also includes a flashing mode which is essential during emergencies. Not forgetting, the red light preserves your night vision.

Easy to Use

This is not one of those torches that give you a hard time when toggling between functions. The single button assists in making swift changes to the features. The light can tilt over 45-degrees to enable direct lighting. You’ll be impressed by the convenience of using either 3 AAA batteries or rechargeable NiMH batteries. Finally, it doesn’t matter where the journey takes you having 150 hours of burn time.

  • Lightweight (only 1.6 ounces)
  • Long battery life (150 hours)
  • Powerful beam with a maximum of 250 lumens
  • Has both proximity and long distance modes

  • It’s not submersible in water


Streamlight 61070 BuckMasters Trident

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best headlamp reviewsIf you are an avid hunter, being out in low lit environments can be difficult. That’s why you need a headlamp that beats the odds. Streamlight 61070 BuckMasters is a unique model featuring some very reliable components. It combines a high-powered C4 LED with three 5mm green LED to protect your night vision and a white LED that provides natural light. In regards to headlamp reviews, the LEDs all have over a 50,000 hours lifetime which is very impressive.

Water Resistant

To start, this best headlamp enjoys an IPX4 water resistant rating. It can withstand heavy storms and direct splashes. You no longer need to hide the torch under a hood when it starts pouring. Get it out in the open and bring the big buck home. It comes with both rubber and plastic straps so it won’t slip from the head when it gets wet.

Long Battery Life

The night vision green LED gets you 120 hours while the super bright white LED gives 5 hours. It’s essential in long-distance lighting so that you can see animals meters away before they are too close for shooting. You’ll also like the medium range intensity which manages to give 60 hours of burn time. It has a long runtime such that you’ll never find yourself stuck in the darkness with a dead headlamp. Finally, something to consider when on the hunt for the best headlamp.

  • Water-resistant and lightweight
  • Three levels of lighting
  • Rubber and plastic straps are fully adjustable
  • LEDs have over 50,000 hours total lifetime

  • The brightest intensity provides only 5 hours runtime


NiteCore Cree XM-L2 HC50

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best headlamp reviewsMost of us do not really recognize NiteCore as a popular design in the line of best headlamp. But their continued rise has seen us notice one of their unique models at headlamp reviews. The NiteCore Cree XM-L2 which offers superior brightness with 575 lumens. It boasts a rugged exterior which can take on virtually any abuse that comes from the extreme outdoors. You’ll like that it has top-grade optics that oozes reliability in every dimension.

High-Performance Optics

The smooth optics is a remedy for the best trail finding in the mountains. It has the brightest light from the center of the torch that evens out at the edges. You’ll find it especially useful for paths where you have to walk in a single file. Interestingly, the premium Cree XM-L2 (T6) LED ensures it remains in excellent condition. Better still, it meets an IPX8 water resistant rating. It is your best friend for the outside extremities including freezing temperatures.

Heavy-Duty Construction

The NiteCore Cree XM-L2 features an aluminum body. It provides impact resistance since it is never affected by a few bumps in the road. You’ll love how well it cools down thereby improving the life of the LEDs. When we look at the battery life, we see a device that can provide up to 400 hours burn time at the lowest intensity. Furthermore, the circuit is highly efficient to keep the batteries in top working condition. Headlamp reviews took note of this.

  • Single two-stage switch button
  • Rugged aluminum housing
  • Ten brightness modes
  • IPX-8 waterproof rating

  • Nylon headband is not the most durable

Streamlight 61601 USB Rechargeable

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best headlamp reviewsIf you are looking for flexibility in your best headlamp, get your hands on the Streamlight 61601. First off, it is great for working on projects as it comes with a rubber strap for using on hard hats. You’ll also like it for camping and hiking expeditions since it achieves a low profile. The battery compartment utilizes a locking mechanism for easy access to the batteries.

Top Notch Technology

This torch uses a white C4 LED bulb. It gives off a far-reaching 82m beam that is at the highest at 125 lumens. At this intensity, you’ll get 3.5 hours of battery life. Additionally, the less intense spot beam provides 30 lumens and 18 hours runtime and a 40 meter beam. You’ll have an all-around working torch to give continuous support in all your endeavors. You’ll also benefit from the memory mode which allows this headlamp to light up from the previously saved function.

Effortless to Use

In these headlamp reviews, the Streamlight 61601 provides optimum comfort when wearing and using. The face cap is 1.75 inches in diameter. It can rotate 60-degrees to reduce neck fatigue and direct the light efficiently. It also uses tap technology to memorize the previous intensity. It’s impressive that it twists fast and easy even with gloves on. Lastly, you receive stability and ease in a flexible torch.

  • It has both high and low lighting modes
  • Face cap twists over 60 degrees
  • Can run on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery or alkaline batteries
  • Impact resistant polymer body

  • Does not have many color choices

LED Lenser H14.2

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best headlamp reviewsYou can do anything with the LED Lenser-H14.2 Best Headlamp. It emits from 60-320 lumens to help you through every adventure. With 100-260 meter viewing range, you are set for both close range and long distance illumination. You’ll like how well it distributes the light to offer a concentrated beam.

Ergonomic Design

This device is ultra lightweight. The battery pack sits on the rear of the head, hence, distributing the weight evenly. Headlamp reviews feels you’ll never experience any fatigue after using it for extended hours. It has a transportation lock to keep the bulb off by preventing accidental turning ON. You have one button to switch between the modes. Not to mention, the light is also programmable to maximize its functionality.

Durable Construction

LED Lenser enjoys IPX4 water resistance. It can stand up to extreme outdoor conditions such as showers and splashes. But don’t make a mistake of dropping it in water since it is not entirely watertight. Nevertheless, you’ll enjoy 30 hours on regular AA batteries so you’ll spend more time in the wilderness.

  • Has an extra strap at the middle of the head
  • 5 year warranty
  • Simple design with easy to use functions
  • Long battery life

  • The device is not entirely waterproof

Black Diamond Storm

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best headlamp reviewsThe Storm is Black Diamond’s most sought after best headlamp. It is powerful but comes at a surprisingly affordable price. The features all bring together a lamp that offers the most extensive lighting system. It has a super bright beam which offers up to 250 lumens. You’ll be working with a Quad power LED, and a double power white LED. Together they bring peripheral lighting to a whole new level.

Uses Advanced Technology  

If you’ve ever wished for a lamp that conveniently switches and remembers the last saved setting, you’ll want to consider the Storm model. When composing these headlamp reviews, we found it utilizes tap technology for fast transitioning between the dimmed power and full intensity. The single power LEDs each has a red and green light. They have strobe and dimming settings. You’ll not be cycling through the white beam to activate the colored beams.

Rugged Housing

This torch is rated to IPX7. It is entirely dustproof since the casing is extremely tight. It has a latch opening for the batteries to provide easy swapping out. The latch remains tightly locked such that if it falls, it won’t open and spill out the cells. You’ll like that even with a set of four AAA batteries, it remains particularly lightweight.

  • Power Tap technology
  • IPX7 water and dustproof
  • 150 hours burn time
  • It has a white, red, and green light

  • Max beam distance lower than some competition

Black Diamond Sprinter

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best headlamp reviewsFor the trail runners in urban areas, no best headlamp speaks of robustness than the Black Diamond Sprinter. Expressly, it is light and super bright at the same time. It is made especially for day runners who have to be out in the dark winter months. The sprinter features balanced weight to prevent the unit from bopping up and down when sprinting.

Reliable Light Output

At the highest intensity, this torch provides 200 lumens which reaches out to 50meters visible distance. At the low mode, you’ll only see out to 2meters. The light tilts so that you can see on the ground and what is right ahead. Also, this unit also comes with a rear red light to double up your safety. The strobe mode also comes in handy when you want other people to find your location.

Sound Battery Life

The Sprinter runs on a USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Furthermore, it lasts around hours on the highest intensity and 20hours on the lowest intensity. It is great for short distances and adventures so don’t get caught in the wilderness. However, you’ll appreciate that the front and rear lights can be used separately to optimize the battery life. Overall, you have a robust, stylish, and powerful headlamp. A headlamp reviews favorite.

  • Illuminates the light evenly over 50meters
  • Power Tap, dimmable, and strobe modes
  • IPX4 water-resistant rating
  • Stable over the head or hard hat

  • Battery life is not ideal for long outdoor trips

Black Diamond ReVolt

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best headlamp reviewsWho knew that such a small device could be so useful? Above all, the ReVolt is a best headlamp finalist that gets marks on brightness, lightness, and functionality all at the same time. It comes with multiple light modes starting with the highest at 130 lumens followed by the others including medium, low, strobe, and dimmable setting. It will perform with excellence since it is fully customizable to the brightness you want.

Versatile Usage

This headlamp has both the flood and spot beams in consideration of headlamp reviews. You can use either of them independently for proximity and long distance or use them together. You’ll also have the chance to use a white, red, and green light. It opens up other outdoor opportunities like hunting big game and caving in Vancouver.

Batteries Last Long Enough

If you are tired of being surprised by dead batteries, give the Revolt a chance to illuminate your paths. After all, it comes with a three-level power meter to monitor the AAA batteries. You have 25 hours on the highest brightness and 180hours on the lowest. It’s just what any backpacker would be looking to have when reading headlamp reviews.

  • It has a one-handed tilt
  • Can use the available Black Diamond Batteries and NiMH AAA batteries
  • Customizable headband
  • Lightweight (3.1 oz)

  • It’s pricier than headlamps in its class

Energizer Vision HD

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best headlamp reviewsThe Energizer Vision HD Led Headlamp is a great all around best headlamp. In addition, it also happens to sell for a great price. With 150 lumens of lighting power this headlamp packs a punch at this price point.  The Vision HD gives you a running time of 8 hours on high power and up to 50 hours on low power. If you’re out camping or hiking, then a good battery life is essential for your given activity. Additionally, running on only 3 AAA batteries, getting 50 hours out of your headlamp is notable for the backpackers and hunters out there.

Great Price To Feature Ratio

This headlamp comes with 5 lighting modes: High, Low, White Spot, White Flood, Spot & Flood together. Notably, it’s really amazing at how many features they pack into this headlamp at this price as it can easily compare to higher priced headlamps. Moreover, the Vision HD has an impressive 40 meter (131 feet) beam distance which as far as I’m concerned is more than enough for my needs. Energizer has 4 different lamps in this series for you to choose from: Vision, Vision HD, Vision HD+ and Vision HD+ Focus. Additionally, each of those comes with its own feature set and is worth looking in to. Furthermore, the headlamp is water resistant at IPX4. Finally, every headlamp in the series is water resistant except the original “Vision”.

  • Great Price
  • Water Resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Batteries Included
  • Surprisingly powerful light

  • No Red LED mode


DEWALT Jobsite Touch

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best headlamp reviewsFor those who work at construction sites and on long projects, you definitely need a light that can take a beating. For one thing, the DEWALT DWHT040 gets you hands-free working such that you can complete projects fast. This may be the best headlamp for simple construction jobs. It is the ultimate choice if you have to wear a hard hat when working. You’ll find the anti-slip bands help to keep the torch intact and stable at all times.

Robust Housing

With a shatter-resistant lens, you can be sure it will last without requiring any changes in the long run. In particular, it is also water resistant and impact resistant to 2meters. These aspects increase its durability so that it serves in top condition. It runs on 3AAA batteries which sit seamlessly along with the bulb.

Excellent Light Output

DEWALT provides 104 lumens which is totally customizable. For instancee, you can toggle between high and low settings whenever you want to extend the battery runtime. You’ll get 6 hours and 23 minutes and 29 hours on the lowest setting. This is a headlamp with lots of capabilities. And it’s tailored to you at a decent price.

  • Bright white light at 104 lumens
  • Impact resistant to 2 meters
  • Lightweight with 3 AAA batteries
  • Great for use with hard hats

  • It’s exceptionally bright and can dazzle oncoming drivers

Streamlight 61052 Septor

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best headlamp reviewsStreamlight has a line of quality headlamps. Not to mention, the 61052 is a sturdy lamp which illuminates using seven super bright white LEDs. With the 3 watt Luxeon LED, you can count on it to give up to 50,000 hours lifetime. Not to mention that it is impervious to shock so it won’t be cracking anytime soon. Headlamp reviews likes this one for hard hats.

Adaptive to lots of Activities

This unit weighs only 4.72 ounces even with 3 AAA batteries. As a matter of fact, it’s one of those you won’t notice sitting on your head when wearing it for extended periods. You’ll like how comfortable it feels even with the rubber strap for the hard hat. It gives off 50 lumens of light; not the brightest but it makes it useful for closed spaced areas where you don’t need dazzling intensity.

Convenient Operation

The Septor ‘best headlamp’ utilizes one push-button which makes it easy to switch the torch from one function to the next. Likewise, you’ll scroll through the settings swiftly. The seven modes become much more comfortable to toggle. You’ll be able to focus the light directly to the area in question thanks to a 90-degree tilting head.

  • 150 hours runtime
  • Seven LEDs provide bright and even light
  • Water-resistant thermoplastic casing
  • Elastic head strap and a rubber strap for the hard hat

  • Only Water Resistant To IPX-4

Northbound Train Headlamp

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best headlamp reviewsWhen you are headed out to a campsite, the Northbound Train best headlamp reviews will give you a bright beam thanks to the high-quality optics. Of course, the design reveals a torch that is outstanding for the outdoors as well as in a camping tent. You can dim the torch when you need a beam that casts light over a wide area. It helps when reading or cooking so that it won’t dazzle and blind you at night.

Hands-free Lighting

The cloth head strap is unique in that it will not press the side of your head. You’ll enjoy working with a lamp that will not bounce up and down your head when you move. Better still, it includes a rubber strap to wear with a hard hat. It’s just what you need when looking to have your hands completely free.

Durable Design

Weighing in only 3.2 ounces, this headlamp reviews achieves a sleek design. The water-resistant rating is at IPX4. With this in mind, you’ll be ready for showers and storms while in the field. You’ll love working with a product that reflects a personal lamp to cover all your illumination needs.

  • Comes with a waterproof hard case
  • Spot beam lights up to 30 meters
  • It’s dimmable to provide a broad beam for close range illumination
  • Easy to use and toggles through a few modes

  • It does not have a memory function

Foxelli Headlamp Flashlight

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best headlamp reviewsEvery runner knows the need for an ultralight best headlamp. Above all, the Foxelli model offers a small unit that is used in very many ways. First, there’s the white 3W LED which gives off a dazzling white light. You’ll get more than enough illumination with 150 lumens. It also has a red light that is great to use at night for emergencies. Reading headlamp reviews, he red light is a good feature to have. The strobe mode is also efficient when getting you out of difficult situations.

Superior Construction

Everyone needs equipment they can rely on. For one thing, the Foxelli is water resistant to an IPX5 rating. It is protected from not only splashing but also direct spraying of water from any angle. It is also impact-resistant thanks to the aluminum housing. Additionally, the unit is built to last as it is rust and abrasion resistant. It’s just what you want to face the tough outdoors.

Far-reaching Illumination

The maximum 165 lumens can throw a light up to 50 meters. It is an excellent choice when you need to maintain a clear path ahead. The medium intensity works at 80 lumens which casts its light up to 35 meters. That is to say, this illumination gives full coverage so you can see the sides of the trail. At the lowest setting, it’s still reliable as it throws light out to 15 meters. Finally, it’s an all-around for whichever task you have in mind.

  • Over 10 hours of battery life at highest intensity
  • Red light protects night vision
  • Lightweight and pivots over 90-degrees
  • Easy to use and understand

  • It’s not entirely resistant to water

Shining Buddy LED Headlamp

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best headlamp reviewsIf you frequently head out to the hiking trails whether during the day or late in the evenings, having an LED best headlamp is quite liberating. For one thing, you can reach out and feel that you are safe since the torch will be useful when you most need it. The Shining Buddy is truly your friend. Given that, it shines a bright 110 lumens and can be customized in high, medium, and low functions.

Built to Last

This lamp is tested rigorously to meet high-quality standards. It remains functional for a decent period with the LED which has up to a 100,000 hours lifetime. Granted, it is also water and shock resistant since it is rated for IPX5 guaranteeing you years of use. With the anti-slip strap, it remains steady so that it won’t fall off or bop up and down when cycling or running. Here at headlamp reviews, we believe this is a great headlamp for kids.

Perfect for wide variety of uses

With a hands-free light, there’s absolutely nothing you can’t do with this torch. Furthermore, if you like DIY projects and handy work on personal projects like fixing the basement or a leaking faucet, this is the torch for you. Lastly, it is not only affordable, but it offers long-lasting comfort.

  • Four customizable settings
  • The beam covers a large area
  • Durable LED bulb (100,000hours)
  • Lightweight at only 3ounces

  • It may come off as too dazzling when used in small spaces

Top 20 Best Headlamp Comparison Chart

 LumensRecharge CapabilityUSBWater Resistance*Max Beam DistancePriceWeightMax Burn TimeWarranty
Black Diamond Spot200IPX-8262 ft$3.2 oz200 hrs
Fenix HL55900IPX-8381 ft$$4.1 oz150 hrs
Coast HL7285--390 ft$$4.4 oz70 hrs
Petzl Tikka200IPX-4197 ft$$3.0 oz240 hrs
Princeton Tec Apex350IPX-7380 ft$$$$9.9 oz150 hrs
Petzl Nao700IPX-4442 ft$$$$6.5 oz12 hrs
Petzl Tactikka+250IPX-4229 ft$$3.0 oz260 hrs
Streamlight BuckMasters100IPX-4413 ft$$5.5 oz63 hrs
NiteCore HC50760IPX-8321 ft$$4.5 oz510 hrs
Streamlight 61601125IPX-4269 ft$$4.0 oz18 hrs
LED Lenser H14.2320IPX-4984 ft$$$11.99 oz40 hrs
Black Diamond Storm350IPX-7278 ft$$3.9 oz120 hrs
Black Diamond Sprinter200IPX-4164 ft$$3.7 oz42 hrs
Black Diamond ReVolt300IPX-8262 ft$$3.4 oz175 hrs
Energizer Vision HD150IPX-4131 ft$16 oz8 hrs
DEWALT Jobsite Touch104----$6.3 oz30 hrs
Streamlight 61052 Septor120IPX-4196 ft$$4.7 oz55 hrs
Northbound Train90IPX-4100 ft$3.2 oz--
Foxelli MX20165IPX-5196 ft$3.2 oz45 hrs
Shining Buddy110IPX-5--$2.4 oz12 hrs

*Water Resistance Source:

Best Headlamp Reviews Buyer’s Guide

best headlamp reviews

Using the Black Diamond Spot Headlamp before an Adirondack Mountain Adventure

When you’re on the search for the best headlamp you will want to consider a few things. First of all, we don’t need to overcomplicate things. In the end, you are buying a headlamp for a given purpose and activity. The lamp is supposed to give you light, be comfortable, stylish, functional and long lasting. So, let’s take a dive into some of the most basic things you should look for when buying the best headlamp reviews.


Determine Usage & Activity

First and foremost, you will want to determine what you are using the headlamp for. Of course, there are all kinds of different people using headlamp for a number of activities. If you are an adventurer and climbing mountains, camping, or hiking, you will want one type of headlamp. Conversely, if you are a caver, miner or worker you will need a different type of headlamp. Perhaps you are sitting at home and just want a headlamp for reading at night. Notwithstanding, there are many varieties and types that are suitable to those needs. So, to start, you need to determine exactly what you are using your headlamp for then you can move on to the next step.


Features & Functions You Will Need

Secondly, try to narrow down the features and functions of your personal best headlamp. After you have determined your activity, make a checklist of what is important to you. By the same token, if you are a fisherman, the best headlamp for fishing will likely have water resistance features. Moreover, the avid fisherman may want to have a broad flood light for checking surroundings, then the ability to focus on a single point like the Coast HL7 does.

The runner, camper or outdoor adventurer may not need the same features as a fisherman. So, determine what would be important. In contrast, in the case of the camper, it could be long battery life and the ability to recharge from a battery pack. Furthermore, the every day runner may just want something that doesn’t get in the way.


Comfort & Fit

We all want our headlamps to be comfortable. Hey, I wouldn’t even want to know i’m wearing one, personally. First, take into account how comfortable the headlamp will be. If you’re thinking about buying a headlamp see what people are saying about it before making the purchase. Having a good, comfortable headlamp can make the difference on a long hike through the woods. I’ve tried a few that I had to return because the material of the strap would feel uncomfortable on my head. Furthermore, check what the material actually is. Certain types of material of the strap can be less comfortable than others. For example, rubber would generally be less comfortable than nylon.


Gear Heads: Check The Specs

If you have gone through step 1-3, then this one is for the gear heads out there. Of course, check the technical specs of the headlamp. This is important to look for during headlamp reviews. This is where you will want to get down to the nitty gritty details such as lumens, beam distance, battery life, bulb life span, battery types, weight, water resistance and a slew of other specs. For instance, if you are working in sensitive environments with hazardous material or flamability. Equally, consider which headlamp is approved for use in certain Hazardous Location Classifications. Finally, as an example, the Princeton Tec Apex is approved for use in Class I Division 2 Groups A, B, C & D and Class II Division 2 Groups F & G.


Your Style!

Lastly, don’t skimp out on your own style. If you think you will look funny with a huge heavy headlamp with a whole bunch of straps and wires, then try something less assuming. Alternatively, you may think it’s pretty cool to have a headlamp that looks like it came out of deep space nine. With this in mind, figure out what you’re comfortable with and go with it searching for headlamp reviews!

Conclusion About The Best Headlamp

best headlamp reviewsFirst thing to remember, is that there is a vast pool of headlamps and headlamp reviews on the market. Specifically, we wrote this article to give you an idea of what might be the best headlamp. We hope by now you can pick a reliable headlamp with all the necessary features. With this in mind, every model here is uniquely designed to provide optimum use in all types of applications. For this reason, choose yours now and start enjoying the benefits of a high-quality headlamp!