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Hey! My name is Spencer and welcome to Headlamp Reviews. I started this website because I’m an outdoor enthusiast and have been using all sorts of headlamps throughout my life. I’ve been through buying the cheap knockoffs from the dollar store, to some higher end headlamps and many in between. I want to provide a central location where you can come and not make the mistake of buying the wrong type of headlamp for whatever type of activity you are doing. My goal is to make this website a central source for anything and everything to do with headlamps.

Headlamp ReviewsMy first headlamp was from a local shop that imported products from overseas and sold them for a very low price. I thought to myself “It’s just a headlamp, what do I care?”, boy was I wrong. It lasted me for a grand total of about 2 days and then basically fell apart. Nowadays there are so many varieties to choose from and the quality has increased substantially. One of my goals with this website is to breakdown the main things that should be considered before purchasing a headlamp so people can make an informed decision. Whether you’re looking for a headlamp under $50 or under $500, we have all the bases covered.

Feel free to browse around the website, you will be able to find plenty of information about headlamps such as brands, light intensity, functionality and fit. We hope that headlamp reviews leaves you knowing a little more about headlamps helping you make a smarter choice before you buy.

Headlamp Reviews For Different Activities

Camping Headlamp Reviews

Camping Headlamp ReviewsCamping is a great activity for any outdoor enthusiast no matter what your age. Many people don’t seem to remember that it can get pretty dark out there and sometimes an old flashlight and a bunch of batteries just won’t cut it. Picking the right headlamp for camping can enhance anyone’s camping experience. Perhaps a rechargeable headlamp would suit. Consider something accessible, light, bright and long lasting to ensure that you have enough light while camping! Have to chop wood? Have to find something that you dropped in the woods earlier in the day? Keep both your hands free and pick a good camping headlamp.

Hiking Headlamp Reviews

Hiking Headlamp ReviewsHiking is another fun family activity and usually suitable for people of any age. Differing from camping, you may want to consider additional features when picking the best hiking headlamp. It isn’t purely a convenience item but could mean the difference between an enjoyable hike and a disappointing hike. Mainly for safety reasons, you want to have both your arms free in case you need to scale a rock, get through a thick bush or have to crawl under something — you never know what you will encounter on a hike. Additionally, some added features such as a safety light and various levels of brightness and power-saving features could prove to be useful.

Hunting Headlamp Reviews

Hunting Headlamp ReviewsHunting isn’t for everyone, but for those hunting enthusiasts, certain considerations should be made before choosing the right headlamp for hunting. Headlamp Reviews will help you find the best hunting headlamp. You need to see, but you may not want a super bright light to advertise your location. Just like camping and hiking, you may want to consider additional features that can come in handy in certain situations. Alternatively, you may want something very bright to make sure you know which direction you’re heading in limited light situations.

Cycling Headlamp Reviews

Cycling Headlamp ReviewsCycling headlamps are definitely geared more towards the safety side of things vs. fancy features. You want to make sure you can see, yes, but you also want to know that other’s can see you — clearly and from a long distance. There are a number of good headlamps that have some additional features such as strobe lights and rear safety lights. This way, you’re never in the dark when cycling.

Fishing Headlamp Reviews

Fishing Headlamp ReviewsWhen trying to pick the right fishing headlamp you can definitely lean more towards feature set vs. other considerations. When you’re on your boat or on shore you will likely want something that has a few different lighting options and brightness control. Want to see the fish under water? Want to control your brightness level when under fog? Consider these items when choosing a fishing headlamp. Waterproof headlamps are a definite bonus as you don’t have to worry about getting your headlamp a little bit wet.

Running Headlamp Reviews

Running Headlamp ReviewsIf you’re a runner, you will more than likely be considering different features than a hunter or fisher. Out of all features, you may consider comfort and fit to be one of the more important ones. Runner’s want something comfortable, light, not too bulky and a headlamp that has some options. Safety is another important consideration as you want to make sure drivers, cyclists and other runners can see you — especially if you’re running in the dark. Running and constantly having to worry about your headlamp falling off is something you don’t want to worry about. Consider these factors when choosing a running headlamp.

Things to consider before buying a new headlamp

Buying a headlamp should be a pretty straightforward process. Headlamp Reviews will help you make an informed decision. Most people wouldn’t think about all the different varieties of headlamps available. Furthermore each headlamp has unique features that could provide to be useful for different types of activities. Consider these things before making a choice.

What type of activity will you be using your headlamp for?

This is the first question you should be asking. What is this headlamp for? Is it for camping, hiking, cycling, running, fishing etc? The activity you are choosing your headlamp for will determine everything else. The features, comfort, brightness, function and style. Once you determine your activity, then you can filter down to what you need your headlamp to do whether you’re a camper or you’re looking for a good hard hat light.

Which features are important to me when choosing a headlamp?

So you know what you’re activity is. You know that you will need a headlamp but which features do you need? This is the most important part of choosing a headlamp because each activity calls for different features and preferences as well. Some people are happy with alkaline batteries, whereas others may want the best rechargeable headlamps. One camper may want something light and comfortable but doesn’t care about brightness, whereas another camper down the trail wants the brightest headlamp and a high power headlamp and doesn’t care how bulky or heavy it is. That’s where Headlamp Reviews helps you make a more informed decision.

How important is comfort when I am wearing my headlamp?

Comfort is usually pretty important to everyone and most well reviewed headlamps will already be fairly comfortable. Some headlamps may not be as comfortable for everyone though and this will depend on how it is made and perhaps what features are included. A runner will have a much higher threshold for comfort than the casual camper that will only pull out the headlamp when getting another beer from the cooler! Comfort is important but ultimately a user preference. Certain factors can determine how comfortable a headlamp can be.

How bright do I need my headlamp to be?

Headlamps these days come in a number of levels of brightness. Some even as much as 5000 lumens! Once again, your activity determines everything. Brightness is not so much a factor for a runner in the city vs. a hiker scaling a mountain side that always is prepared in case it get’s very dark. A fisher may want a very bright headlamp that can penetrate the water below or be seen across the lake. We have the brightest headlamp reviews covered.

I don’t want my headlamp to look stupid!

Of course, some people may not care, but some people want to make sure they look good even with a headlamp on! Furthermore, you want one that reflects your style and personality. There are some neat headlamps with unique straps and colors that can match your style. We think that function, features, safety and comfort are all more important items to consider, but for the stylish ones out there, we’ll show you some of our picks for stylish headlamps 😉

So in the end, after making these considerations, picking your headlamp should be a breeze. Headlamp Reviews will help you with this though and we think you will come out of here knowing way more than you ever really thought possible about headlamps and headlamp reviews. Hope you enjoy our website.