Nitecore HC50 Headlamp Review

Many outdoor enthusiasts have not come across the NiteCore brand. But we promise it’s worth taking a look at. You have a device that is rugged and built to withstand some of the harshest outdoor extremities. Now, let’s get to the Nitecore HC50 headlamp review.

Note: This headlamp is featured in the Best Headlamp Ultimate Guide

Great in Trail Finding and Close Proximity Viewing

Compared to other headlamps in its class, this lamp performs much better as it uses smooth optics and bright beams. It can throw light that is clear and smooth. This makes it easy for you to figure out objects from a far distance. When it comes to close viewing, this headlamp distributes light evenly all around you. Instead of having distracting black spots, you can read and go on with your work with the NiteCore.

Completely Weatherproofed

We must say that the NiteCore has really beefed up its construction. The Nitecore HC50 is rated to IPX8 meaning you can swim through a stream that is beyond 2 meters deep. It is an all-metal design that is weightier than other lamps on our list, but the lens is completely shatterproof. It is a lamp you’ll want to keep for emergency lighting situations since it can prove to be too heavy if you wear it for long. Finally, this concludes our Nitecore HC50 headlamp review.

  • Uses a premium CREE XM-L2 LED (T6)
  • Has a total of 565 lumens output
  • It has a power level indicator
  • Can tilt over 90-degrees
  • The mineral glass exterior has an anti-reflective coating
  • Made from rugged aero-grade aluminum alloy

Nitecore HC50 Headlamp

Nitecore HC50 Headlamp