Princeton Tec Headlamp Reviews

Headlamps play a great role. Be it in our workplaces (for those who work after the sun is gone or early in the morning), our homes as we are always trying to fix stuff here and there. Or find little stuff that falls in those hard to reach/see areas. And, most importantly, when in outdoor activities such as camping, hiking among others. A great headlamp should be able to provide the right level of illumination for specific activities without feeling like a burden on your head. That’s where Princeton Tec headlamp reviews come in.

Princeton Tec has come up with a series of headlamps, each with its unique design and functionality to meet unique needs. This article focuses on Princeton Tec’s top four headlamps while also shedding some light on the brand itself for a better understanding of what you are purchasing.

Princeton Tec LED Tactical EOS Headlamp

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Princeton Tec Headlamp ReviewsAffordable, simpler, no accidental switch on

The Princeton Tec’s EOS Tactical headlamp falls on the affordable side. Despite it having all great features as is in the other brands in this category. It is also very easy to operate as the switch is easy to use. The best part is that it features a “sweet spot” that makes it easy for you to switch it on or off one-handed even when in the darkness. You can actually turn it on without taking off your gloves. Again, it is designed in a way that the light can’t turn on accidentally, so there is no possibility of it draining your batteries when not being used.

Green, red and blue interchangeable lens

Various night activities demand different color lenses. With this headlamp, you will have three to choose from. The green and blue are the latest lenses for preserving night vision. Most people are used to red vision, but you will realize that the added two perform much better in certain night activities. You will also be getting a spare lens carrier to carry one extra lens. The only problem is that it only carries one, not two. So if you need to have all the lenses with you, you will have to purchase one more carrier. These lenses are darker, thus perfect for various night activities. The beam pattern falls squarely between spot and flood which is a great balance.

Lightweight, waterproof, shock resistant housing

Well, you don’t want to carry a heavy,  uncomfortable headlamp when on any activity. If possible, you’d rather have that one headlight that feels so light that you even forget that you have it in your head. This way, you will work or play without interruptions. Princeton Tec Tactical EOS fits this description as it weighs only 135 grams. The overall design makes it very comfortable. Again, this is a waterproof headlamp, and its housing is shock resistant. So, if you are into water crossings or such activities, this is the headlamp you should place your money on.

Princeton Tec Remix Headlamp, 150 Lumens

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Princeton Tec Headlamp ReviewsGreen and white light headlamp   

This is the ideal headlamp for reading, hunting, night fishing or general outdoor use. Thanks to the green and white LED modes. Most hunters find it to be a great addition to their hunting tools as it makes the work easier. Again, using it is super easy thus easy to change modes or other settings even when in a hurry or with just one hand. It is also ideal for both close range and long distance spotting thanks to its 3 Ultrabright LEDS and single Maxbright LED.

Compact, lightweight, water resistant

It stands up to a great deal of abuse thanks to its compact construction thus ideal for use in any environment. You won’t need to have two separate headlamps, one for indoors and another for outdoors. This performs perfectly in both environments. It is also very lightweight thus you will comfortably carry it in your pack all day and night. Lastly, the construction is water resistant, meaning you can use it even in wet environments without it getting damaged. It is the best headlamp that you can get for the functionality and price.

Large, accessible battery door

If you have had a hard time loading or swapping batteries with other headlamps, this one here will give you a different experience. Thanks to its design that incorporates a large and easily accessible battery door. It is sturdily-built thus opening and closing it is simple and does not require a lot of care. Also, the battery durability is impressive.


Princeton Tec Apex LED Headlamp

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Princeton Tec Headlamp ReviewsBrightest headlamp, 1 Maxbright LED & 4 Ultrabright LEDs

If you love the outdoors or exploring caves, all you need to make the exploration better is the Princeton Tec Apex headlamp. It leaves your hands free to support yourself throughout the exploration process. Also, discover more using your hands. It is the brightest version by Princeton Tec. Thus, lights your way just as much as you would want it to thanks to the LEDs. It gives both powerful spot beam and a bright flood thus ideal for various activities.

Two switches, simple to operate, heatsink technology

The problem with a single switch operated headlamp is that most of the time you have to press it several times. This is to reach the mode you want and missing it means starting all over. However, with this headlamp, changing the modes becomes intuitive thanks to the two switches. This makes it the easiest to operate headlamp in this line. And, thanks to the heatsink technology incorporated in this headlamp, the LEDs burn brighter and longer. Thus, serving you for longer hours.

Batteries included, lightweight, waterproof

The Princeton Tec Apex headlamp uses 4 AA Alkaline batteries. The good news is that they are included in your purchase. In addition, this particular headlamp is compatible with lithium, alkaline or rechargeable batteries. This gives you the freedom to go for the type that works best for your projects or what’s easily available. Second, the overall design is waterproof, hence you can use your headlamp in any environment. It is so lightweight that you can have it with you all day/night without even noticing its weight.

Princeton Tec Fuel Headlamp

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Princeton Tec Headlamp ReviewsFour ultrabright LEDs

For people are searching for a small, robust yet super bright headlamp, the Princeton Tec Fuel is the way to go. It features four ultrabright LEDs thus providing you with bright and super-efficient light for use in various activities. Again, if you are looking for a perfect illumination for close to mid-range tasks, this headlamp offers smooth, white wide beam that’s ideal for such tasks. You do not an extra-large headlamp to get the right about of brightness. With the proper LEDs, the overall size won’t matter.

Focused wide beams & Multiple Modes

The first thing anyone looking to purchase a headlamp should be its beam focus. This determines how versatile it can be in its applications. With this one, the beam pattern suits multipurpose activities. Aas it is wide and focused thus ideal for both close range as well as long distance tasks. Again, the headlamp features multiple settings that allow for flexibility to adjust either the light’s brightness. When you want to illuminate greater distances and/or beam width for the same purpose. Also, given that different brightness gives different run time, you can adjust either the brightness or beam width to conserve the battery power if need be.

Lightweight, comfortable, waterproof

This headlamp uses 3 AAA batteries thus allowing the light head to be compact and lightweight. In fact, you won’t even remember that you are wearing once you are set for your activities. And, for this, you can use it for various activities such as camping, hiking, walking your dog, running, and many more. The strap design is also very well thought of and this makes it super comfortable on your head. It is also waterproof thus ideal for use under various weather conditions which is a plus for people who love outdoor activities. 

Princeton Tec the Brand

The company name is Princeton Tec and has been in existence since 1975. The company is based in the USA and it manufactures headlamps, flashlights and waterproof dive lights.  As expected of any company that’s based in the USA, each of their product is made from high-quality, durable materials to give the best of services for the longest time. Also, they adhere to all the set safety measures for these kind of products and this is one thing that has kept their customers coming back as they feel safe using any of the products.

Their main goal is to pioneer new lighting technologies and build more functional lights. Their aim is to be the world’s best in this field and you can tell by how far they have come that they are headed there. They strive to match their products with the ever changing environment and this has resulted to massive improvements in their products from time to time.

What keeps the company going?

One thing that has kept this company on top of this game is knowing what their customers need. They know this by consulting great athletes, travelling all over the world to know the kind of environments that their customers will be using their products in, and most importantly, following closely to the users suggestions and implementing the changes in their new products. This has resulted to them creating totally user-friendly lighting solutions and having the best technology in all of their products.

They have stood out for their rugged, super bright and all waterproof flashlights that are loved by every canoeist, kayakers, and scuba divers among other flashlight users. Princeton Tec continues to improve on their designs without compromising the quality. They sure have had their ups and downs, but through it all, they have stood firm as a company dedicated to meet its users’ needs through thick and thin.

Wrapping Up Princeton Tec Headlamp Reviews

Princeton Tec is one reliable flashlight company that’s ready to go all the way to satisfy all your illuminating needs for both indoor and outdoor uses. They are known for producing durable and reliable products that you can use in just any environment. Their passion and enthusiasm has seen them rise above their competitors to be the best and reliable flashlight manufacturers. The above headlamps are just a part of their great products and you can find one that fits your needs and budget.