Petzl Headlamp Reviews

The convenience of a headlamp cannot be understated. If you are trying to find something in your attic, running in low-light winter or camping, you’ll need a good headlamp. Modern headlights are nothing like what used to be in the past. Most were bulky and gave little light as they were intended for small tasks. But with advancements, you get the headlamp you want, lightweight, suitable beam distance and easy to operate. We are looking at petzl headlamp reviews to help you in these tasks.

Even as the market floods with them, we can’t help but notice one particular brand that manages to stay afloat. The Petzl brand provides energy-efficient lamps with the capability to handle the outdoors. They are rugged and can last hours; hence very reliable.


Petzl Emergency E+Lite Headlamp

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petzl headlamp reviewsThis headlamp is a great asset for emergencies. If your regular lighting system on a campsite goes out on a rainy day, you can count on the PetzlE+Lite Headlamp. The size indicates a very portable lamp since it is less than 5cm you can wear it on your sleeve, or put it in your pocket. With the small size comes a light product which does not add to the weight of your gear.

It has two beam colors; a bright white light that you can use to lead the way and a red beam which helps to give your location if you are lost. The red laser can last for 30hours with the beam covering around 300 meters. This way, you can feel safe if you are trying to locate a beaten path in the mountains. What’s more, the unit comes with two CR2032 batteries that have a shelf life of ten years. For petzl headlamp reviews, this is bonus.

You’ll like it even more when using it for regular tasks to prepare meals, reading, and repair work. It benefits from a flood beam that can transmit light up to a distance of 29meters. This headlamp excels in being entirely water resistant. It is not only protected from moisture, but it can also be of use underwater 1m deep for half an hour.

Even better, this tool can operate in extreme temperatures between -30 to +60 Celcius. Whether you are in deep snow or working in hot environments, you can count on this petzl headlamp reviews to bring you home. It comes with a soft hand strap that will not dig into your skin. You’ll feel comfortable wearing it for long hours especially when you are hiking. A lever on the lamp locks the ON position such it does not go off in the case of unintended operations.


Petzl Tikka+ Headlamp

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petzl headlamp reviewsThis is another headlamp that keeps up with the line of Petzl headlamp reviews. It features basic operation procedures such that anyone in the family can use it. It only weighs 85grams and comes with a soft, adjustable headband. You’ll feel it fit snugly just the way you like and after wearing it for long, it never leaves any undesirable marks.

This device is one of the best headlamps for close-range viewing. It’s the type you pick when you want to fix a leaking faucet or repairing your car in the dark. With 200lumens at maximum, this headlamp gives a full, white beam to help you see every detail of what you are working on. It carries a single button for operation where you quickly switch from the white to the red beam.

The Petzl Tikka+ can also come so much in handy during emergencies. It comes with a whistle and a flashing red beam to point out your location in total darkness. And you don’t need to worry about the weather. This Tikka can take some rain and withstand some dust while remaining fully operational. It meets IPX4 standards as a measure of approval for the outdoors.

Another impressive feature in this petzl headlamp reviews pick, is that it comes with 3AAA batteries. You can charge it with a CORE USB kit. This means if the batteries die you don’t need to run out for another pair when you can recharge it like a regular phone and be on your way. With all the convenience that this headlamp brings, it is available at a very fair price.


Petzl Reactik+ 300 Lumens Headlamp Bluetooth Enabled

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petzl headlamp reviewsWhen you want to travel light for caving excursions, camping, and other outdoor activities, you want to choose the most convenient lighting system. This headlamp is one of those devices that give you exactly that. The Petzl REACTIK is next generation and a favorite among adventure lovers. It is compact, robust and smart. The headlamp uses Bluetooth connectivity to access your mobile phone so that you can control the light remotely.

It also uses the MyPetzl mobile app which also lets you access it without touching the light. It covers a vast array of needs, not just the regular lighting. As a smart headlamp, it has an automatic sensor which dims in reaction to oncoming traffic in urban areas. This way, you won’t dazzle other drivers which could cause accidents.

The petzl headlamp reviews cranks 300 lumens at the brightest. The highest intensity gets you 2½ hours of battery life while at the standard mode it gets you 5hours. You’ll be able to manage the way you use your headlamp by choosing from three patterns. It has the flood beam for short distances, the focused mode that throws light to long distances and the mixed mode. You can even set it at the lowest 80 lumens which get you 10hours of battery life.

This petzl headlamp reviews is equipped with the red beam. Also, it has a lock to stop operation interference. It has a battery life indicator which constantly blinks when it’s time to recharge the unit. The green color gives the indication of a full battery, the yellow shows you have almost used up all the energy, and the red gives a sure indicator of the battery about to die. You won’t have an excuse that the light died on you. You’ll like that it is water resistant plus it comes with a washable headband.


Petzl NAO+ 750Lumens Headlamp Bluetooth Enabled

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petzl headlamp reviewsIf you can’t get enough light with 300lumens, you sure can with 750lumens. The Petzl NAO+ stands in a class of its own. It has a niche among repair and maintenance workers. This lamp is sophisticated with the capacity to automatically adjust the light according to your needs. You’ll like that you can customize your beam pattern using a mobile app or Bluetooth connectivity.

It has four lighting profiles in two modes. That is; it has the fixed light mode just like the regular torch and the reactive mode which allows self-adjustments according to the outdoor conditions. It has the white light which operates in either flood or spot settings. The red can be set in continuous or flashing mode. However, the red beam is only adjustable via the Mobile app hence there’s need for a smartphone on site.

Bluetooth connectivity comes in to optimize the battery usage. You get to choose between two burn times where the brightness automatically regulates. The longest burn time of 12hours uses 575lumens, and the maximum 750lumens gets you 6.5 hours. This is quite impressive considering it has very high illumination.

The rechargeable batteries do not self-discharge hence you get constant brightness over the burn setting you choose. The only drawback is waiting for 5hours to get the batteries fully recharged. It has a very comfortable headband which feels light even with the webbing on it. You can adjust it to fit your head size since it is elastic.

The Petzl Brand

With a passion for exploration, Fernand Petzl, a caving enthusiast, took it upon himself to provide solutions to other outdoor enthusiasts like him. After setting world records in caving explorations together with his friend between the 1930s and 1940s, Petzl had a collection of descending equipment. He was able to replace the ladder with the nylon rope, giving him and idea to expand his production to mountaineering gear.

Together with his sons, they founded the Petzl Company in 1968 after inventing cave lighting. He designed the Mountaineers’ headlamp which gave him a stable footing in the lighting industry. The company went ahead and opened its headquarters in Crolles, France. Innovation was at its peak with a line of headlamp designs produced.

Inside the Petzl Company

The company has patents of the Petzl harnesses and the ZOOM headlamp all designed between 1970s and 1980s. As the company expanded, they established their research and development center followed by selling their products to the professional market in the 90s. The company now has branches in the USA, Malaysia, Spain, and Germany.

As of 2001, Petzl had 600 products under its name including the TIBLOC ascender rope, TIKKA LED headlamp, QUARK ERGO the first leashless axe and the ASAP mobile fall arrester. But the innovative minds did not stop there. In 2010 they launched the PIXA professional headlamp followed closely by the NAO headlamp in 2012. As you can see this is a dynamic company striving to bring only those products that improve the lives of their users by keeping them safe.

Conclusion About Petzl Headlamp Reviews

We believe the Petzl brand cares for the user and the community. They have the Petzl Training and Experimentation Centre to ensure each product is at par with the standards stipulated. Furthermore, they also have the Petzl Foundation which works to promote low-impact outdoor activities. Furthermore, they partake in risk prevention research, endorse environmental preservations and educate on height and outdoor activities. The Petzl Company comes from a place of passion and enthusiasm. They deliver high-quality products with smooth operations, and are robust and durable. Every headlamp is designed to provide convenience and reliability. Finally, as the founders realized the dangers of exploration without a good headlamp; it is high time you take one that suits your needs from the models above.