Fenix Headlamp Reviews

.Even if you are not into camping/hiking, there are so many other reasons why you would need a great headlamp for illumination. In this Fenix Headlamp Reviews article we go over some of our top choices. Some of us love to go for early or late running while others like to start working before the sun is out and these are some of the reasons that you might need a headlamp. Whatever your reason is, if you search through what Fenix has, you will find one that suits your needs.

Fenix produces some of the most durable, user-friendly, and highly functional headlamps. Definitely something to conisder when on the hunt for fenix headlamp reviews. Everything from the design to the battery life of their headlamps stands out as the best on the market. This article focuses on their top four headlamps that you will find ideal for use in various weather conditions.

In this post we showcase 3 of the best Fenix headlamps and what makes them a great deal.


Fenix HP15UE Ultimate Edition 900 Lumens Expedition Headlamp

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fenix headlamp reviewsBackpacking doesn’t have to be boring. As long as you have enough light, you can go on with your fan activities till late without worrying that your headlamps will run out of power. The Fenix HP15UE Headlamp is the ideal deal for any backpacker or any other dark situations that might need some illumination. Even for those who work till late, they will find this light very helpful especially if they bike back home after dark. Important points to conisder for fenix headlamp reviews.

Four Brightness Settings

With this light, you will be able to brightly illuminate up to 195 Yards even though it does not include a diffuser which is unnecessary given the light’s brightness. It also gives you several angle settings thus it will be easier for you to set the light where you want. Each of the four brightness settings has a different battery runtime thus you can regulate yours based on how long you will need the light. It also features SoS, which makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor uses.

Lockout function

The lockout function helps prevent accidental installation of the light, and the output is digitally regulated thus maintaining a constant brightness even when the battery voltage drops. When using it outdoors, no possible damage could occur from huge splash or rain as it is waterproof. This is key for fenix headlamp reviews. This is mostly important for people planning to take it backpacking or to use it on rainy days because the last thing you would wish is to be in darkness in the middle of nowhere on a rainy day. The light is also lightweight thus comfortable to wear for a long time.


Fenix HL55 900 Lumen Headlamp, CREE XM-L2 T6 LED

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fenix headlamp reviewsThis is a flood pattern headlamp with a brighter spot in the center and lights up your surrounding perfectly as well. For people who prefer wearing the light’s headband around their hard hats, this will be a perfect choice to go for as if offers enough adjustment. Expect nothing short of pure brightness from the 900 lumens. The design is excellent, and the overall construction is so lightweight, super comfortable and nonobstructive thus ideal for use by just anyone. Writing about fenix headlamp reviews puts this one on the list. You can use the light for camping, biking in the dark or in any other situation where light is needed.

Very durable & simple user interface with a memory function

Its durability is on another level thanks to the durable aluminum alloy used in making it. Also, it is IPX8 waterproof meaning rains or splashes won’t be an issue. When it comes to operating it, you will find it so convenient thanks to the All-function switch on the head. It is just as simple as a single click for light on. Click repeatedly and scroll to the needed output level. Click and hold to switch off. Most importantly, this light remembers your last output level, so you won’t have to reset every time.

 Max brightness with No overheating

Most lights offer burst mode for maximum brightness that always results overheating of the light, but this does not happen with the Fenix HL55 thanks to the short but enough time frame for the burst mode. It is also lightweight (115g) thus ideal for short and long hours of use. It does not become dim, thanks to the digitally regulated output thus you can have constant brightness all through.


Fenix Bundle-2 items: Fenix HL35 Headlamp, 450 Lumen Cree XP-G2 LED

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fenix headlamp reviewsThe Fenix HL35 Features separate white moonglow (gives you 600 hours) and red LED setting thus making it unique and more functional. For people who like camping/hiking, this is a must have headlamp as it is super bright and gives you the option to use the AA batteries (included) or the 14500 rechargeable batteries. It features a low battery indicator that tells you when your battery is running too low. Just like with any other Fenix product, you can expect zero disappointments from this light. That’s something that stuck with me when composing this post about fenix headlamp reviews.

Lightweight and total comfort

Unless you are a bull-neck, we all need a lightweight headlight, especially when using it regularly. It weighs 122 g so it should feel comfortable for most users. A comfortable headlight makes you more efficient. If you like to get up early and start your work before the sun comes up, this light will be of great help. You will have constant brightness thanks to the digitally regulated output, and the intelligent memory effect makes setting your brightness levels easy. On durability, this light is all aluminum made. It also comes with a battery organizer, and it is IPX68 waterproof.


Fenix HL26R 450 Lumen Multi-LED Headlamp

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fenix headlamp reviewsFenix’s HL26R Headlamp is the most advanced and user-friendly headlamp that you will come across for a long time. First off, it is super lightweight thus ideal for various users needing long or short usage. In fact, the manufacturer says it was designed with the outdoor sporting in mind. There is no doubt to this. It gives dual LED output, Nichia White, and CREE XP-G2 R5 LEDs thus giving its users an option to switch from flood to spotlight with separate switches. This makes it more functional thus reliable in various conditions.

Durable and Comfortable

The comfort from this fenix headlamp reviews headlamp comes from its lightweight plus the fully adjustable headband that allows extended wear safety as well as comfort. Any runner, climber, hiker and any other outdoor explorer will love using it even for extended hours as it completely reduces wear fatigue which is a huge plus to most. On the durability part, it is solidly constructed from high-quality polycarbonate materials thus highly durable. Again, the headlamp is IP66 waterproof thus withstands any weather condition more so the outdoor.

USB Rechargeable & Adjustable Field of View

Your headlamp, no matter how bright it is, becomes useless once the batteries run out. It gets even worse if you do not have spare batteries. However, with the HL26R headlamp, you will probably be safe thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery (1600mAh Li-Polymer) plus the micro-USB charger port and USB charging cable that allows you to recharge the battery even when on the go. This is a huge plus on this lamp. Also, you get a vast illumination from this headlamp, thanks to its adjustable field of view.


The Fenix Headlamps Brand

Fenix, AKA Fenixlight Limited, is a LED flashlight company that has been in existent since 2004. It is based in Shenzhen, China. It specializes in R&D, manufacturing, sale & brand operation of high-quality illumination tools. They are best known for their consistency in producing high-quality products and standing by their products plus excellent and quick customer services.

Their first flashlight was L1+ and was in 2005 awarded the “Flashlight of 2005” by various users, media, and their competitors. New York Times reported on the same too, and this put the company in the spotlight. Something that made them produce even more high-quality flashlights to meet the already rising demand from all over the world. The awards kept coming each year, and the number of flashlights that has been produced since 2004 has grown tremendously. Each with different features and functionality to meet different illumination needs.


What Makes Fenix Standout (Fenix Headlamp Reviews)

Fenix focuses on advancing the illuminating technology, and this is what has put them on top. All their flashlights are way better than those made by their competitors. They do extensive tests on their lighting products, and each of their products exceeds the baseline ANSI standards. Fenix uses additional in-house testing protocols and this has helped them maintain consistency in the quality of their products.

They have various flashlights to meet various weather conditions and frequency of use. They have invented and incorporated various features in their products to meet different consumer needs. You can tell this from their first product to the newest. What makes them stand out is their strive to produce a better product than their last, and this has seen them flood the market with incomparable flashlights thus remaining on top in this highly competitive field.


Wrapping Up About Fenix Headlamp Reviews

Fenix has proven, for a long time now, many that they are in the flashlight field to make it better. Fenix gives each flashlight user the best flashlight according to their needs. They have been consistent with producing high-quality products and following up with their customers to know exactly what to add to remove from their products. This has, therefore, resulted in various categories of flashlights by them thus meeting many consumers’ needs. Each of their flashlights has its unique features, but they all share durability and high-quality illumination as a common factor.