Northbound Train Headlamp Review

Kids also enjoy a good time connecting with nature. And when they are outside camping, the Northbound Train Headlamp will come in handy. Moreover, it is an LED light with high brightness levels. It is super lightweight making it very attractive to kids.

Note: This headlamp is featured in the Best Headlamp Ultimate Guide

Great for Close Range Viewing

The most fantastic attribute on the Northbound Train is the clean lens. It has very little rough spots which amount to bright light. This makes items appear better like when reading a book or preparing a meal. For kids, it comes in handy for nighttime activities like night walking or catching fireflies. Also, the white light is dimmable while the strobe and red lights come in handy for night safety.

Durable Construction

This lamp weighs only 3.2 ounces. It has a robust exterior with an IPX4 water resistant rating. Since kids are playful, they’ll love that it has a non-bobbing head. The headband is also adjustable so that they can wear it at a comfortable angle. Finally, this headlamp is impact resistant and secure for long-lasting use.

  • It is rugged as it explores a Pelican style
  • It utilizes three AAA batteries
  • The strong hinge enables quick focusing
  • Spot beam throws light to 30 meters while the flood beam casts light to 20 meters

Northbound Train LED Headlamp

Northbound Train LED Headlamp